5 Little Known Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Lifts

So, you fancy yourself as a real sexual dynamo, right? Why else would you be reading the many manly articles on here? And since you’re no doubt putting in the work at the gym, you must have your pick of the ladies. But what kind of a woman does a five-star stud such as yourself look for? Or rather, should be looking for?

Enter the world of beautiful women who lift weights. Now, we’re not talking about the steroid abusing She-Hulks you see on those top ten boner-killer list. We’re talking about those wonderful lean and sexy fitness girls you always see posting butt selfies on Instagram (not necessarily the ones posting the pics, just ones that look like those kinds of girls).

While you may see some downsides to dating such lovely women, (they seek too much attention online, cause you to get jealous, and have wicked protein induced gas) there are plenty of positive things they can offer. And being the fit, big bad booty daddy you are, they’re likely to get along with you better than non-gym attending girls.

If you’re a hardcore gym rat who is in a relationship with an average girl, you’ve most likely felt the frustration the difference in a fit lifestyle versus non-fit lifestyle can cause. You want to go to the gym, she wants to watch TV and eat pizza. You’re watching your diet, she’s wolfing down ice cream like she’s bulking up for the Chicago Bears’ offensive linemen tryouts. These differences can be detrimental to your goals. Therefore, you should get yourself a girl who lifts! Here are five reasons why.

5. You Always Have a Gym Partner

One great thing about dating a girl who lifts is that rather than objecting to you going to the gym too often, she’s likely to join you; this means you’ll get gains and she won’t bitch at you for it. Also, her going to the gym with you can help strengthen the relationship. It’ll certainly create an emotional investment on her end.

Another advantage of her going to the gym with you is that she’ll be there to challenge you. Hell, even her just being around while you lift might be enough to help boost your intensity. After all, no guy wants to look weak in front of his lady. And it’s natural for a man to get embarrassed when he’s out-lifted by his girlfriend in front of other people. That’s great motivation for training as hard as possible.

4. She Has Great Self Confidence

Anyone who has ever dated a girl with low self-esteem or low confidence in herself knows how frustrating it can be trying to constantly make her feel better about her supposed shortcomings. Whether it be her body, diet, or even job, at some point you’ll get fed up being the one who must make her feel worthwhile.

When it comes to dating a girl who lifts, on the other hand, these issues don’t tend to be much of a problem. Not only does the gym improve her body and how she feels about herself physically, it greatly improves her overall mood and confidence level. Girls who lift are less likely to take their anger out on you and instead use it as training fuel. So, no more pointless arguments about how you think she looks or why you don’t care if she has another slice of pizza — even though you know she’ll be mad at herself right after she eats it.

3. She Helps Bring in the Groceries

This may not seem like a big deal worthy of being on this list, but consider this; every physically abled man on the planet refuses to be defeated by a large grocery trip. We’ll carry double our body weight in groceries–inching ourselves closer and closer to the house while bags rip and our muscles strain–all in an attempt to carry everything inside in one trip. And we kill ourselves while our girlfriends only carry the light bags full of cotton panties and sponges.

Well, no need to kill yourselves anymore in lieu of making that shameful second trip. Once you date a girl who lifts, you can count on her to ditch the light bag and dive right on in — grabbing the heavy bags of cans and dog food right there with you. This is especially tremendous when you must go up multiple flights of stairs and you trained legs just a few hours prior. You’ll be thanking your lucky stars that your fit girlfriend will be able to handle her side of the groceries.

2. She Won’t Wreck Your Diet

One main downside of being in a relationship where one person diets and exercises while the other deep throats Hot Pockets and watches trash TV, is how quickly it can ruin the healthy person’s diet. If your girlfriend eats like a wild honey badger, chances are you’ll either succumb to her sh!tty diet, or she’ll end up resenting you for making her feel bad about her bad habits.

This just isn’t an issue when you date fit girls. They take just as much pride in their bodies as you and are very mindful about their nutrition. And if both of you are watching your diets, it’s very unlikely one of you will slip up and go on a month-long hoagie bender. If anything, she’ll keep you in check when you just start showing the signs of messing up your diet.

1. The Sex is Great

Of course, the sex is going to be great when you’re with a fitness chick. For one, she’ll be into the sex just as much as you are. A major reason is because she has high self-esteem and knows she looks good; no more turning out the lights and banging what feels like a bean bag chair in the dark like it was with your old, non-lifting girlfriend.

Secondly, she’s in shape. Which means she’ll have good stamina and won’t tire too quickly, she’ll participate instead of just lying there like a dead fish, and she’ll be able to get into all kinds of freaky positions. Sex with a fitness chick is like an awesome workout where you both end up happy.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should get yourself a girl who lifts. And everything isn’t just about appearance or sex either. Girls who lift are generally happier, more down-to-earth people who have a deep respect for themselves and aren’t afraid to work hard for what they want.

They’ll also be more likely to work hard to maintain a happy, healthy relationship. But remember, you have to do your part as well. If not, you just might end up on the wrong side of a “Why You Should Dump Your Man for a Guy Who Lifts” article.

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