Study Shows Women Prefer Fat Guys Over Muscular Guys

Put down the weights, cancel your gym membership and grab a couple burgers on your way home because a new survey says that 75% of women prefer guys with big fat bellies over men with six packs. These women said they would take love handles over a guy who’s in great shape…


This isn’t exactly the most scientific of studies, it’s actually a big joke of a survey that was carried out as part of the DVD launch of the movie Bad Neighbors, which features a big-bellied Seth Rogan squaring off against a ripped Zac Efron.

Seth Rogen Zac Efron

Nearly 100% of women who were surveyed also said that men with big bellies almost universally have better personalities than guys with six packs. The perception is that a guy who’s always at the gym working on improving himself won’t have time for her, or will take himself too seriously, or will have too cocky of an attitude. Who agrees with this? Anyone?

These surprising survey results also likely have a lot to do with the women that were surveyed. Maybe they’re not in the best shape themselves? Maybe they’re a little jelly, in more ways than one? So can we do our own poll?

Ladies, chime in below and let us know with a comment…

  1. Do guys with fat stomachs have better personalities, and
  2. Would you rather be with a guy that has a sixpack or a beer belly?

We’ve actually provided our own in depth answer to this question here: Do Girls Really Give a Shit About Muscles?

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  1. Well my boyfriend has a large belly and it restricts our sex. He can only enter from the back and it hurts for him to be up on his knees all the time. The rest of him is slim but not the belly. I love him very much but would prefer he had a six pack.

  2. I want my boyfriend to have a larger belly. Beer bellies are really hot, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the Dad bod? Maybe it is a lot to do with lifestyle too e.g. my favourite things are eating and getting drunk so if a guy was up for doing this all the time with me that would make me happy. I can’t stand it when my boyfriend works out. It’s such a waste of time and really does make him seem self-conscious and try hard, like people who go running- where are you running to? Why are you running? I only run if I need to. When you can tell someone is just ‘going on a run’ I think it makes them look like they have nothing better to do with their time and I get the impression they are very boring. How can you have a conversation with someone about ‘going on a run’? ‘I ran to X and back the other day.’ ‘Cool.’ I think men with big bellies who don’t give a shit about the way they look exude confidence, and that’s what’s important for me. A man with a sharp mind, good sense of humour, and a big heart is all that matters :). If you look like you’d be a good dad to our babies then damn you are hot! Are you gonna leave me at home to look after the kids whilst you go to the gym or go on your run? No thanks. Within reason of course, if you are overweight and look like you sit on your arse all the time and never stop eating then that’s a big turn off too. Seth Rogan yes. David Harbour in Stranger Things? yes!!!!!

    • How can going to the gym be a waste of time, improving your health and physique is not a waste of time. I go running but I certainly don’t have a conversation about it, why would anyone want to talk about running? So you don’t want a man to leave you for a mere hour while he goes to the gym or on a run? You sound possessive and clingy.

  3. I was at the gym and just started talking to a female personal trainer. she was muscular and I asked her, while looking around the gym, what machine should I start to use to make myself attractive to woman. She looked me over and said “the ATM Machine”

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  5. All the women want their guy to be perfect:
    Awesome body, hot muscles, always smiling, always time for them, making $$$$ not stop, be with her 24/7, always be dor the kids 24/7, do 1000 different tasks around the world all at once. Be perfect, be god!

    Now back to reality, women don’t want it!

    Neither do men but we’re discussing here what women want.

    Women want what is impossible. That’s one of the reasons of high divorce rates these days.

    Some women however accept their wish and desire is not realistic, these few stay true to their man. In that case it doesn’t matter if they have a belly or not, they are realistic and understand a man can’t be perfect, thus can’t be god.

    For them the appearance is usually the least of their concerns, they want stable $$$$ and family.

    Everything else is secondary, tertiary, etc.

    The above basically applies to men as well, but again, we’re discussing women here

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