Things You Should Know About Dating a Steroid User

If you ever wondered.

Jacked up guys can look really intimidating but are they really so terrorizing in real life? Pro bodybuilders can be very secretive and this makes them all the more fascinating. Many people want to know about the private lives of these beefed up individuals and what they’re like in person.

Some of these people might never find the answers they’re looking for since there aren’t many pro bodybuilders around and the ones which are might not want to share everything about their day to day lives.

People on steroids can be attractive to many people but it can be daunting to strike up a conversation with them. It’s better to know what an individual is like before you take the first step. We have put together this article to help you know what it’s like to date a steroids user.

Things You Should Know About Dating A Steroid User

1. People On Steroids Can Be Secretive

Things You Should Know About Dating A Steroid User

There are chances an individual on gear doesn’t want the others to know about it. It could be for the reason people don’t appreciate the effort and dedication of the person once they know he takes the help of drugs.

Don’t be hurt if the person you’re dating doesn’t want to share his steroid use with you. It is nothing personal. They might be insecure about you finding out about it and your reaction to it. Be accepting and open to what they’re comfortable sharing with you.

2. Help Them Out

On the other hand, there might be some people who are completely transparent about their drug use. There might be a chance that they want your help to injecting the steroids — well because two hands are better than one.

If you’re not okay with them using steroids or are not comfortable helping them out with it, let them know about it. Make sure you’re being polite and understanding when you do so or you can just get better at using the needle.

3. Body Marks

Hickeys won’t be the only marks on a steroid user’s body. Being exposed to steroids for a long time can leave dark marks on an individual’s body. If it’s your first time dating a gear user, don’t be scared when you see an ass full of red spots.

Injecting steroids is the most common way of using them. While there are many oral steroids present on the market, they can be harmful to the kidneys. The safer way of using them is to inject them in your glutes.

4. Side Effects

Steroids are infamous for having side effects. You can’t take gear without expecting them to have a side effect. Some of the common side effects of using steroids are acne, shrinking of the balls, low sex drive, and hair loss.

If your significant other is taking steroids and he shows no such signs, at one point they will start to appear. It might take a little more time to happen for some people. Consult a doctor if these side effects are happening already, there might be a way to reverse or at least stop them.

5. Diet And Training

Some people think if a person is using steroids they might not have to train or be serious about their diet. This is as far from the truth as it possibly can be. People on steroids are usually more dedicated to the fit lifestyle as compared to the other people.

Using gear shows their complete dedication to this sport. You can expect them to never miss a training session or a meal. Steroids can just help you achieve the results. They can’t be considered the “magic pill” for building muscles.

6. Know When To Put A Stop

If you’re dating a steroid user, you shouldn’t be shy or scared to put an end to this madness. Steroids aren’t a lifelong thing. Using them for a prolonged period can cause serious health issues and this is completely opposite of why people use them.

If your partner is hooked on to it or hasn’t planned on retiring from it, it’s time to have this conversation. Be open with them while having this conversation as steroids can be as addictive as drugs.

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