Bodybuilder Blows Arms Out With Oil Injections

Bodybuilder Curling


I know what you’re thinking… “oh great, another synthol gone-wrong article.”

But you’re wrong…

Most dudes in the gym today want to have these ungodly large arms that look bigger than their legs and some of them will go to extreme lengths to achieve that.

Synthol Freak

So what happened to this guy?

While I can’t call this guy a bodybuilder, there was a case study by BMJ that reported a young man who was a repeat hospital goer. He had been training as a bodybuilder for four years and had to visit the hospital again with some complications.

The case study mentions how “he presented pain and loss of function in his right arm and even a tricep rupture.”


So how is he now?

All that I’ve been able to find on the guy is that after his ruptured tricep surgery, he was recovering. There will be a bigger and more vicious cycle that he is going to follow and it can potentially be life-threatening.

He definitely needs to have a clinical diagnosis and get treated for that self-abusive behavior. It’s one thing to put yourself through hell in the gym but to inject something that your body rejects and swells up so that your muscles appear bigger, there’s an issue.


Find out what in the hell he used on the next page…

So what was he using?


So this jackass heard somewhere on the internet that there are other natural oils like sesame and walnut oils that are much cheaper than their synthetic (synthol) compounds.

While this is a trend in Middle Eastern communities, the trend is spreading like wildfire.

Along with other steroids (like creatine. lol), I am sure that the guy was the prime example of health and physique, right? Well, he regularly suffered from seizures, infections, hormone imbalances, and fertility issues.

The injections were forming lesions on his muscles and causing cellulitis bacterial skin infections. His triceps ruptured from the injections as well.

All of this along with the B12 and non-prescribed insulin that he would inject makes this an ugly combination.

What should he have done?

Bicep Curl

What this guy needs to do is get on the gains train and put in the time. Nothing is going to provide better results than consistently training hard and fueling your body properly. Sure, a little test or tren never hurt either.

Seriously, though, building up arms takes a bit of time and a bit of effort. Doing endless sets of dumbbell curls won’t get you anywhere and you’re going to look in the mirror in a year and wonder what happened.

I’m all for “doing whatever it takes” to achieve your goals, but when you are recklessly potentially killing yourself every time you do something, you should reevaluate your goals.

Wrapping It Up

Seriously don’t be like this guy. In a culture of wanting immediate results, putting in hard work seems to be something of the past.

Arnold and Sylvester In Hospital Bed

If you’ve been training for a while and seem to have hit a plateau with growth, there are a few things you can do to spark new growth:

  • Make sure you are eating enough
  • Switch up your training techniques
  • Don’t forget about your triceps
  • Be realistic

Don’t let these new and dangerous practices lure you into thinking you can get gains fast. I mean, what good is having big ass arms if you are too sick to even show them off?

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