Mike Rashid Bench Pressed 225lbs. for 210 Reps

Strength is a product of the mind


It’s not often that you hear about men who show great feats of strength by not moving a heck load of weight. For example, doing 1000 pull-ups is a great feat of strength, even though only the body weight was used. Another astonishing feat of strength was when Lee Priest did 1027 reps of 500lbs. on the leg press. Okay, so 500lbs. isn’t that light but compared to Ronnie’s 2000lb. leg press, 500lbs. is the equivalent of a warm-up.

Anyways, let’s turn our focus to the man of the hour, Mike Rashid.

Back in 2013, Rashid performed what is known as the “Iron Marathon” which spawned from the insane mind of CT Fletcher. In essence, the Iron Marathon is any compound movement performed for 20 sets. However, the set structure is a bit more difficult to explain.

When you begin your compound exercise, you start with one rep and the rack the bar. Two reps, rack the bar. Three reps, rack the bar. And this process carries on until you get to 20 reps. So, add all of the reps together and you get 210 repetitions for whichever compound exercise you decided on doing.


The Iron Marathon can be performed with most exercise, but require a drastic drop in weight. Try imagining yourself curl your body weight for 20 reps. Yeah, didn’t think so. Heck, some of you probably need do the Iron Marathon for your calves — I know I am.

At the moment there are two videos of Rashid doing the marathon; the hardcore, no BS video with CT Fletcher, and another video filmed for Bodybuilding.com featuring Kris Gethin. Both are pretty impressive to watch, but if you want that extra motivation to go hard AF at the gym tonight, then I’d suggest you go with CT.



Bodybuilding.com Edition

CT Fletcher Edition

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