5 Reasons You Should Be Like The Rock


Why should you be like The Rock? There’s a lot of reasons, actually: he’s super-stinking-rich, he’s built like a tank, he’s crazy athletic, he can have any woman he wants, he can act, and he can even sing. But rather than focus on those things, we’re going to focus on the main traits he has that you can apply to your own life. So, here are the five reasons you should be more like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

5. He Doesn’t Take Himself Too Seriously

In this day and age, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone or something that is very popular but doesn’t have a legion of people sworn to hate it for no discernable reason; this is where the Rock truly stands out from the rest of pop-culture. The man just doesn’t seem to have many haters. Why is that?

The reason so many people have love for him (besides him being one of the nicest and most fan engaging guys in Hollywood) is because he doesn’t take himself too seriously. The Rock, more beast than man, would seem like an intimidating guy to meet. But this just isn’t the case.

For all his success and physical attributes, he always makes sure to stay down-to-earth; the main way he does this is through humor. He’s constantly poking fun at himself and sharing pictures and videos of his younger, goofier days. Here’s a great example of how he uses humor to make himself relatable to the average person.

See, a lot of famous men would try to distance themselves as much as possible from embarrassing moments of their youth, but not Dwayne Johnson. He embraces all the dumb, goofy things he’s done. And this is why it’s so hard for people to find legitimate reasons to hate the man.

If you want to be a more sociable person and not rub people the wrong way, it’s important to know when to laugh at yourself. Nobody likes the guy who’s all business and gets pissy when you tease him about something stupid and unimportant. Could you imagine how disliked The Rock would become if he got mad and defensive every time someone brought up his old pineapple head haircut?

4. He Never Forgets Where He Came From

Another great trait you can take from Dwayne is to always remember where you came from. It would’ve been very easy (and understandable) if once he became a famous actor, he simply forgot about and left the whole wrestling business behind. Sure, he would alienate his wrestling fans. But would it really matter when he’s doing five movies a year?

This is another thing that makes The Rock so likable, though. He doesn’t alienate any of his fans. And he always makes sure to pay respect to the business that helped make him what he is today. But it doesn’t stop there. He has a strong respect for his college alma mater (University of Miami) and his Samoan heritage.

A lot of famous people turn their backs on what helped get them to where they are in life — burning many bridges in the process. But it seems DJ makes sure to honor anything and anyone that helped shape him into the man he is today. He doesn’t forget where he came from or how he got to where he is now. And it’s this respect for the past that dictates how we are perceived in the present.

To be a better man, you must learn to have respect for where you came from. But not only that, you must use that starting point as motivation to get where you want to be in life. You do this by recognizing how far you’ve come from where you started — and how far you are from where you want to end up. The Rock often speaks of how he started with seven bucks in his pocket — and this is the anchor for his current success. What’s your anchor?

3. He Stays Humble

Dwayne could easily be very braggadocios about how famous and successful he is. And if you followed him through his wrestling career, you’d know that the character of “The Rock” is quite the braggart. But in real life, the man is very humble. This is just another trait in what makes him so likable. See a trend starting to form here?

Being humble, respectful, and somewhat self-deprecating all combine to create a very likable personality. People tend to gravitate to those who have these character traits. Throw in hard work and a goal-oriented mindset, and you end up with a successful person.

2. He’s Extremely Dedicated

It’s no secret just how dedicated The Rock is to fitness, diet, and work; the man is a non-stop goal smashing machine. It seems like he never slows down or gets tired — like he has alien DNA or something. But the truth is, he’s still very much human. Which means he does get sick, tired, and rundown like the rest of us. The difference between him and the average man, though, is that he pushes through these things.

Dedication is a trait almost all the most successful people in the world share. You must be willing to bust your ass day in and day out to get where you want to be. It takes a lot of sacrifice and hard work to realize your dreams — and frankly, most people don’t have the willpower or dedication in them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t develop it over time.

Being dedicated enough to wake up every day at three or four in the morning to train before going to work (like The Rock) is something we can all do. But how many of us actually go through with it? The truth is, it’s not easy nor will it ever be easy. So, you must start slowly and build your way up to a routine.

The Rock maintains a strict schedule: always making time to train, bringing homemade lunches with him to stick to his diet, and still fulfilling his work obligations (which are much more time-consuming than the regular persons). This is something you can do in your personal life as well. It just takes planning and dedication. You can do it if you have the right attitude.

1. He Works Harder Than Everyone Else

Directly connected with his level of dedication, The Rock is one of those guys who is always the hardest worker in the room. Whether it be in the gym, on the job, or at home, the guy always gives it his max effort. His success is directly attributed to how hard he works.

No matter your opinion on Dwayne Johnson, you can’t deny his crazy work ethic. His Instagram is full of pictures and videos of his ridiculous early morning training sessions and following work day. The Rock doesn’t do anything half-assed. Even his infamous cheat meals are something mere mortals can barely comprehend.

This is a great lesson one can learn in life: the harder you work, the more effort you put forth daily, the more positive the results will be. Dwayne is a perfect example of how hard work can lead you to your ultimate goal. A man is just a man, but a great man is one who doesn’t except that as truth.

You must be willing to do everything you can to reach your goals. You must work harder than everyone else–be more dedicated than anyone else–and unwilling to accept anything other than what you want out of life. You want to be great? Well, be more like The Great One himself. Or just accept being another candy-ass jabroni.

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