Arsenic Levels in Rice: Should You Stop Eating It?

Should you stop eating rice, or is this another false alarm? Let's Find Out...


SpotMeBro is here to cut the bullsh*t and expose the truth about this rumour.

Right, so almost everything has been rumoured to kill you. In fact, some people stopped consuming dairy after rumours emerged that milk can cause prostate cancer (which studies have since proven is smelly, diarrhea poo).

Now, the most recent news is that rice is the next food source on the list that might kill you. Yes, the stuff that’s eaten in bucket-loads around the world on a daily basis.

But before you start laughing, there’s at least some scientific evidence backing this theory up; basically, arsenic is a poison that’s naturally found in soil (which is then absorbed by rice).

As we consume large amounts of rice, we were pretty interested in this subject after newspapers started spreading this sh*t like peanut butter-jelly on toast. So let’s find out if there’s any truth in this rumour below…

Arsenic in Rice – To eat or not to eat, that’s the question brah!

meal prep for the week showing chicken and arsenic in rice

One of the most common meals in bodybuilding is chicken, rice and broccoli. It’s a staple in our own diets, so you can imagine we were pretty p*ssed off when media outlets started this rumour about rice.

The headlines read “Should I worry about arsenic in my rice?” and “arsenic in rice: should you be concerned?“, which will definitely grab most people’s attention by the balls.

Now, this is one rumour that we were really hoping was b*llshit.

Will it kill you?

Right, so this is the big question – if the arsenic in rice isn’t going to end your life, then who gives a f*ck, right?!

Well, the answer we found was that it was ‘dose dependant’.

Simply put, it’s believed that rice contains 10-20x more arsenic than other crops. But it seems to be safe for adults when consumed in measurements of 100g (uncooked, which results in about 200-250g when cooked).

Bottom line: It’s safe to eat around 200g-250g cooked rice daily, without being poisoned by arsenic.

So, what’s the dangers of rice containing arsenic?

You’re probably thinking, well this is article is a massive waste of my time…sorry about that brah.

But seriously though, we’re just here to dispell the smelly sh*t rumours about one of our favorite carb sources.

But since you’re here, we’ll explain the ‘potential’ rumours that have been outlined by doctors.

Consuming arsenic through rice can cause:

  • Lowered immune system
  • Impact on growth development
  • Micro-penis syndrome (only joking)

Bottom line: Right, so we’ve established that this arsenic in rice rumour is pretty much bullsh*t.

a bodybuilder eating a bucket load of arsenic in rice

Ways to reduce arsenic levels in rice

We’ll repeat this: you can continue eating rice without being afraid of dying.

However, there are some paranoid motherf*kers out there. So this section is for the bro’s that might be scared of eating rice due to these rumours – SpotMeBro has got your back.

You’ll be glad to hear that the method we’ll detail below has shown to reduce arsenic levels by 80%.

Here’s how to reduce arsenic levels when cooking rice: 

  • Soak rice overnight
  • Cook in a deep dish, to a 5:1 water:rice ratio.

Conclusion: Rice is still safe to eat 

Let’s be real here. Eggs were once thought to increase your bad cholesterol levels, but the opposite was true (studies have now proven that eggs can actually reduce LDL cholesterol while raising HDL levels).

Now, it seems as though the media are hellbent on putting a black mark against rice. However, we hope that this article has put the rumours that rice might kill you, to rest.

Bottom Line: You can continue eating rice without being poisoned by arsenic. But if you’re still paranoid, then soak your rice overnight before cooking the next day.

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