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7 Practically Useless Exercises That Are Wasting Your Time

Are you frustrated having spent hours at the gym and still no results? Even though you are following your workout correctly, using the right technique and doing the perfect amount of sets & reps but maybe you are doing some exercises that are literally wasting your time and even affecting the results of other exercises.

wrong workout

Quite often, these useless exercises are popular and have no outcome. They just waste your time which you could’ve used for cardio or a few more sets.

Below I’ve listed SEVEN practically useless exercises that are wasting your time.

Useless Exercises At the Gym

1. Traditional Crunches

You’ve been doing tons of those traditional crunches but still, you have average-looking abs. Why? My answer is simple — crunches don’t work. It mostly targets the upper abs and has an almost negligible effect on your obliques and lower abdomen.

Traditional Crunches

While crunches may have a part to play, the stuff that legend are made of are typically stuff like compound lifts, planking, hanging leg raise, air bicycles, ab rollouts, etc. Please don’t waste your time trying to do a hundred crunches a day.

2. Smith Machine Squats

Smith Machine Squats

“But I’ve thought I’ve been building my butt.” Really? Squatting in a Smith machine puts a lot of stress on your knees because there is less activation of the hamstrings. You may find your legs, especially the knees, completely stressed out after squatting in the Smith machine.

3. Behind-The-Neck Press

Behind The Neck Press

It may not be that useless but is ridiculously dangerous and puts a lot of stress on your rotator cuffs. It’s quite a small muscle group that gives stability to your shoulders. A lot of injuries at the gym occur due to behind-the-neck presses as it puts a lot of strain on your neck. Some severe cases include broken necks and badly injured rotator cuffs.

4. Abductor/Adductor Machine

Abductor Adductor Machine

You might be thinking that it is reducing the fat inside or outside of your legs but it isn’t. The misconception here is that exercising the muscle below the fat will make it burn. It doesn’t! Instead of wasting time on the abductor/adductor machines, you should do step-ups or lunges. They better engage your adductors and abductors, glutes, and quads.

5. Standing Chest Fly

Standing Chest Fly

Nope! Nope! Nope! If you think that the standing chest fly works the chest muscles, it never does. In fact, your chest is never working against gravity or resistance. This exercise only works your shoulders when you grab the weights in a laterally raised position. Even though it isn’t a bad exercise but if your intention is to develop your chest, then it’s utterly useless.

6. Hyperextensions

Low Back Extension Machine Exercise

Not only are you wasting your time but also creating a risk of an injury or strain to your lower back. To be honest, it literally adds nothing to your body except injuries. You’ll suffer through unnecessary stress on your lower back and abdominal area.

7. Seated Triceps Dips Machine

Seated Triceps Extension Machine

Let’s not waste your time tricking your mind that your triceps are being worked on this machine. The seated triceps extension machine is just a waste of time. Quite often, it spoils your angle and puts more stress on the shoulders and minimal-to-no tension on the triceps. It’s better to perform dips on a bench, close-grip EZ-bar presses, triceps extensions with a cable and skull crushers.

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