These 3 Female Bodybuilders Will Blow You Away

How much ya bench?

a split image of female bodybuilders

Female bodybuilding has its own unique place in the fitness world. It’s not something that’s in favor by the majority of the bodybuilding community, but at the same time, it’s not entirely frowned upon either.

The world of female bodybuilding has produced its fair share of champions. Take Iris Kyle, for example.

Iris is the most successful bodybuilder ever. Note that I said “bodybuilder” and not “female bodybuilder.” This is because Iris has won 10 Ms. Olympia titles and seven Ms. International titles. The most successful wins that the male division has produced, is eight Mr. Olympia wins.

Since the rise of Iris, many other females have sought out to push their bodies beyond the norms of the female physique’s ‘barriers’ — and they have darn-well succeeded in doing just that. Have a look at the women in this video to see for yourself:

Since the dawn of female bodybuilding, this division of the bodybuilding world has seen an evolution in physiques like none other. Sure, male bodybuilders have gotten bigger over the years, but females have gotten bigger and unrecognizable at the same time.

This is the result of anabolic steroids. The testosterone that the women use alters their bodies in more than one ways than one.

Apart from making sick gains, their faces morph into something else too. But, I’m not going to take anything away from them. After all, their gains outdo mine any day of the week.

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