Lab-Grown Meat: The Future of Bulking

                                                    (Photo: Fabrice De Nola)

Meat is one of the most important food groups for any carnivore looking to build muscle. Let us speak frankly; there are not many bulking meals as delicious and effective as a big hunk of grilled cow’s flesh.  Red meat contains a goldmine of nutrition; protein, phosphorous, potassium, iron, and even natural creatine.

What if we told you that in the future, your delicious steaks might be grown in a lab? A lot of people are very excited about this idea. It may turn out to be more efficient and humane than raising real live animals. One of the pioneers of this field, Willem Van Eelen is making this potentially delicious dream a reality. Here’s how they do it:

Researchers then submerge cells in amino acids, sugars, and minerals. Generally, that mixture consists of fetal serum taken from calves—-which help them grow together into muscle tissue. That tissue can then be fused and formed into meat that can be processed as if it were ground beef or pork.

This lab muscle is just like regular muscle in that it can atrophy if not properly exercised. How do you exercise a piece of lab grown meat?  Easy, with electrical shocks of course. But the ultimate question remains, how will it taste?

Researchers say that taste and texture—fats and salt and varying amounts of protein—can be engineered into lab-grown meat with relative ease. I’d try it, Would you?

But Seriously, Which Cut of Beef is the Best for Bodybuilders?

Round Cut is the winner with highest protein and least fat.

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