Kipping Curls? Why is CrossFit Still A Thing?

Kip your way to fitness!


Fitness fads disappear just about as quickly as they spawn. Remember Jazzercize? Neither does any other sane person around. Or what about Prancercise? Oh, you’ve never heard of it? Good, you’ve managed to save your soul the anguish of knowing what a woman with an overly concerning horse complex looks like — until now, that is:

Your emotional lifespan has just been shortened — nothing that three scoops of pre-workout can’t fix, though.


However, out of all the fads out there, CrossFit has been the only one that’s been growing at an alarming rate and gaining more and more momentum with each passing year — despite the risk for physical injury when trained by an incompetent instructor (but that’s a universal issue that applies to a multitude of activities, so we’ll let CrossFit off the hook just this once).

What we can’t let CrossFit off the hook for, is kipping their way through workouts. We get that you want to do an AMRAP and all that unfascinating stuff, but do you really want to be able to say that you’re the best at working out? I’d rather have lats like Kai Greene; thank you full-range of motion pull-ups for helping my lats grow.


However, a new form of kipping has emerged: kipping curls. If we’re honest, it looks quite economical in terms of muscular contraction. Meaning, that there is absolute minimal contractions going on and your glucose stores will still be full after a one-hour AMRAP of kipping curls.

See the video on the next page…


Enter Kipping Curls

As you already might have concurred, we like to shoot the sh*t here at Spot Me Bro, and most things satirical should be taken with a few grains of salt — as in the case with CrossFit. We know how sensitive CrossFitters can be, so we ask in kind that you enjoy the following video of a young gym lad performing perfect-form kipping curls.

There you have it. Whether you’re a CrossFitter or a bodybuilder, kipping curls are definitely a plateau buster.

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