Joe Rogan says Bodybuilders are Designed all Fu**ed Up Today. Schwarzenegger Had It Right

When he’s not single-handedly smoking a forest’s worth of marijuana or interviewing people about chem trails on his podcast, chances are that Joe Rogan is in the gym so this renaissance man’s opinion about bodybuilding might mean something to you, or it might just piss you off. Take a look at what Joe Rogan had to say about bodybuilding and let us know what you think about it. 


The way they used to do it in the old-school bodybuilder days, they isolate. Like today I’m doing to do biceps and triceps, tomorrow I’m going to do calves. Bitch, you’re going to have a bunch of confused muscles that don’t know how to work together. Everybody’s strong but nobody speaks each other’s language. You ever seen a big goofy bodybuilder guy try to fight? Try to throw his punches at people? They fall down, they’re all tipsy. Their whole body is designed f**ked up. There’s too much weight up there.

rogan6Some of them are so big these days. They’ve got to keep getting bigger, I guess? That’s how bodybuilding works? I guess that’s how it is right, the biggest guy? It’s like “Who’s the biggest freak?” So every year they keep getting bigger and bigger, right? And Schwarzenegger did a ton of shit, too. He talks about how he did a ton of steroids but his physique was incredible and impressive, but not excessive to the point that you have today, you know? Today you have these guys that are just 90% steroids. You look at their body and you’re just waiting for steroids to fall out of their ankles and for them to be standing in a puddle of this stuff.

Pull up a picture, the difference between Arnold Schwarzenegger and whoever the newest, latest Mr. Olympia guy is because these motherf**kers are just getting ridiculous. It’s just so unreal. It’s so unreal what they look like now. Obviously, a huge huge man. The dude is goddamn enormous. Doesn’t that look fake? That’s a painting! That’s a painting, right?!


Look at the one of him on stage with his arms stretched out in front of all those people. Jesus Christ! Okay, perfect example because holy shit was he f**king enormous, right? But not compared to today. You could see a dude that big today on the street. UFC fighters are like super-athlete big, this is a different thing. He’s 6’1? 6’2 I think?


I met him. I met him recently at the UFC and he was cool as f**k. “How you doinq’? Doinq uhn excellent jahb.” I was like.. “T-thank you..” I couldn’t even say anything, I’m holding hands with Arnold f**king Schwarzenegger.” I’m like, “This is crazy!” I’m a fan!


Here’s the current guy, (Phil Heath) DAMN. Oh my god, that guy is f**king ridiculously big! He’s got hand muscles, look at his hand muscles! Have you ever seen someone with hand muscles like that? Let me tell you just one thing. That guy works hard, no doubt about it ladies and gentlemen. That guy does a lot of lifting and does everything scientifically and correct but what’s f**ked up is you cant even get there without steroids. YOU. CAN’T. GET THERE. You can’t get there. That’s not a destination on your navigation system. The only way you can get that big without juice is you have to be some kind of FREAK OF NATURE. The skin is so thin because they’re incredibly dehydrated, not just low on fat, not just mass amounts of muscle, but insanely dehydrated. That’s not POSSIBLE without a bunch of different factors and that look is EXTREMELY unhealthy.


These guys are getting extremely close to death while keeping giant muscles, it’s f**king MADNESS. This is the nuttiest f**kin’ sport of all time.phil

“That guy will rip your dick clean off with those ass-doors. Those bank vault ass-doors of his.” – Joe Rogan

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