Fitness Inspiration Works Surprisingly Well With Binge Drinking

Drunkspiration — Don’t ever give less than 100%


Your eyes beg to close, your head is heavy as everything in your consciousness tells you to stop. You keep going. This is the definition of dedication.

Rocky sylvester stallone movie running training

Why do you do it? Because something deep inside says you must, and you don’t ever give less than 100%. Every time you wake up early feeling sore, you smile and step up to the plate again — it was worth it.

1. Nothing worthwhile ever came easy


2. 10 shots sounds a lot better than 9


3. Missed opportunities…


4. Do you think Rocky would have left the ring at round 5? See it through.


5. Your liver is lying to you


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6. Like Wayne Gretzky


7. Be a finisher


8. I think 5pm is more of a suggestion


9. That first shot tho…


10. Make a legacy


Now get out there and make a difference, and remember – don’t be a quitter.

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