Fat-Loss Hero Shows The World His Insanely Loose Skin

It may sound like a circus act, but in reality this guy is a champ.


We’ve published fat-loss articles before. Inspiring stories of pounds lost on a massive scale, or overcoming physical handicaps, however, this time, it’s not so glamorous.

But do we really need more glamor in a fitness community that’s waist deep in narcissism and sinking fast? This warrior dropped 160 pounds because he realized he simply wasn’t healthy (not to mention socially crippled). Instead of b*tching about “fat shaming,” and accepting his body as beautiful like so many apathetic others today, he put his head down and fought for his health.


Why Does This Matter?

Great question. This matters because of two extremes. Currently, society is blasted with opposing views on the human body, and both are devastating to the average man or woman.

First, fat acceptance. This may have sounded to some like a great and philanthropic notion (when and in what capacity, I have no idea), but in actuality, the movement is killing those whom it’s trying to save. Having an above average amount of body fat is not, and never will be healthy.


Bombarding us with fat acceptance propaganda, the media is naturally not helping the situation (great work as always). In no way should we verbally abuse the unfortunately overweight. Rather, we should encourage them to become healthy, and not promote acceptance of something that’s as deadly as cigarettes (there’s a reason you don’t see cigarette commercials anymore).

Second, we’re suffering through the rise of Instagram fitness models who are so busy photoshopping themselves, we’re not even sure they know that health deals with issues deeper than skeletal muscle.


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What Really Matters

Angular obliques, bicep pumps, and tricep striations are all well and good (and by that I mean god-like), but in a time where people are dying from the opposite of starvation, the focus should be deeper. The skin-stretching subcutaneous variety isn’t the only kind of adipose tissue one gets when they ignore their health. Visceral fat is the real killer, accumulating around the internal organs and compromising their function.

Aside from all the science that the masses won’t bother to learn, there comes along videos like this one. Sporting the youtube title ObesetoBeast, John Glaude was brave enough to show anybody who cared to watch the aftermath of his drastic weight loss, together with the fact that health and fitness go far beyond the beach body.

Unrealistic Expectations

The aforementioned “icons” obsess over the appearance of health, not the actual state of health. Now, if that is what makes you happy, then by all means, ingest Dianabol and shoot up on HGH in the comfort of your own home. However, promoting this superficial and most likely low self-esteem lifestyle to young people is not okay at all.

We love bodybuilding and will always support the natural and healthy pursuit of sculpting a badass physique (f*ck, yeah). But for the sake of the next generation, we need the whole picture. Why Glaude is so important is not at all because the loose skin is wild to see, it’s because he’s representing the solution.


John put aside the anxiety of the strange looks and comments to show that it’s okay to not look like the fake models, as long as you’re healthy in the true sense of the word. Health means keeping harmful adipose tissue away from your organs (you need those), Health means having a balanced diet based on moderation (not binging on junk after an overly restrictive contest diet). Health means being functionally strong to maintain quality of life (not just looking strong).

The rant is over, but we hope this sticks with you. Now train hard, for the right reasons.

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