An Hour of Running Can Add 7 Hours to Your Life

Can an hour of high rep weights do the same? *crosses fingers*


Bad news for those bro’s who feel like anything above 10 reps is cardio. Running has been found to increase lifespan pretty dramatically.

In a recent analysis of all studies to do with this fairly boring cardio activity, researchers found that runners lived longer than anyone else.

Even obese runners or ones that smoked tended to see a longer lifespan.

The study, which was a follow up to one conducted 3 years ago at the Cooper Institute in Dallas collated data from a range of major studies.

It’s aim was pretty simple, to once and for all answer questions about the impact of running on health and everything surrounding it.

Forrest Gump

Risk of death dropped by up to 40%

Initially the study conducted by the Cooper Institute had found that running did improve the longevity of someones life. Not surprising.

After releasing the findings of the study 3 years ago they were inundated with further questions.

People wanted to know if the amount they were running could have any effect? Or if the speed they decided to run would either?

Deciding to evaluate their findings and take on other studies that had been conducted, the team were able to fully conclude on the major positive impacts running has on a persons life.


In some cases the risk of a premature death dropped by as much as 40%.

Once they dug a little deeper and did more calculating (a word beginning with C that sounds worse than cardio), Dr. Lee the co-author of the study found that 1 hour of running means you live 7 hours longer. Roughly.

Before you jump up and go Forrest Gump on us in a bid to live forever, the amount of time you can extend it by is capped at around 3 years.

Running too much wasn’t found to have a negative impact on life span either.

As people who struggle to run for any longer than 10 minutes, we are seriously starting to consider our choices and start running once a day.

Sure it’s boring, but when it’s pretty much guaranteed to make you live longer, it can’t be so bad?

We’re off to the sofa with a beer and bag of chips to think it through.

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