Generation Iron – Getting A New Generation all Pumped Up

Special by: Joe Pietaro (FLEX, MuscleSportMag)


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a documentary is made following a bunch of professional bodybuilders as they prepare for what is considered to be their industry’s top prize. One of them is the defending champion and lives in the lap of luxury, while another who is being portrayed as his biggest rival resides in the urban menagerie that is Brooklyn, New York.

No, this is not some kind of retrospective look 35 years later at “Pumping Iron,” but the people that are putting together this brand new movie tapped into the gold mine that was the 1977 classic. Jerome Gary produced the original and is being billed as one of the new flick’s ‘executive’ producers giving “Generation Iron” immediate credibility and a connection to something that will always be viewed as the introduction of Arnold Schwarzenegger (and bodybuilding itself) to the masses.

Gary and his crew must answer the same questions presented when Pumping Iron featured bell bottom jeans and puffy hairstyles: Does anyone really care about bodybuilders other than bodybuilders?

The answer then – as it is now – is no. As sad as that seems, it is the hard truth. You see, back then it was a time of almost anything goes. The country was trying to put Vietnam behind it and the hippies were still around. It was a time of change and something like huge muscle men hanging out on a California beach was kind of interesting. Plus it had the unknown factor going for it.

Fast forward a few decades and bodybuilding is still viewed as a cult and niche sport, if even considered a sport. But hey, f**k anyone who says golf is a sport and bodybuilding isn’t. That’s a different argument for a different day. Lets get back to this movie.

So what exactly is going to take place here? Phil Heath will be playing the Arnold role of the lavished poster boy and Kai Greene is taking the Ferrigno role to another level. No macaroni made by mom in the Marcy Housing projects or a dad walking every step with him. Greene is all business.

No spoiler alert needed as the outcome of the show is old news by now. If you didn’t know that Heath made it two consecutive Sandows, then you probably won’t be wiping greasy popcorn butter on your pants watching this one. And there lies what appears to be the last similarity between the two flicks. Both champs won, but Arnold announced his retirement directly afterwards. Heath is going nowhere except to the gym to get ready for the next Olympia.

Who knows? Maybe this will be Heath’s springboard to his own acting and political career. And then again, probably not.

Scheduled Release: 2013-2014*
Directed By: Vlad Yudin
Featuring: Phil Heath, Lou Ferrigno, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, Roelly Winklaar,Hidetada Yamagishi, Dennis Wolf, Ben Pakulski, Victor Martinez, Michael Jai White, and others.

*Generation Iron contacted us and offered this information regarding the release date:
Sorry guys, no update on release date yet. Probably won’t have an update for quite a while. 12/6/2012

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