WATCH: Flex Wheeler Gives His Two Cents on Racism in Bodybuilding

Who better to ask?

racism in bodybuilding

Last week we found a clip video clip of Rich Piana going on a racist rant. The video went viral within the first 24 hours it was posted online.

Much debate has come from that video, questioning the integrity of bodybuilding and the people who represent it, specifically, Rich Piana.

Many thought that after the video was ‘leaked’ to the public, that Piana’s career would be done for. However, some may beg to differ. Others think that this incident would boost Piana to the next level of stardom.

As far as I know, Piana is still living the high life.

Recently, on Generation Iron’s Flex On ‘Em series, Flex Wheeler was ‘interviewed’ by Vlad Yudin about the whole situation and whether or not racism is a prevalent matter in the sport of bodybuilding.

In case you’re in the dark, Flex On ‘Em is a weekly show where Flex Wheeler gives his thoughts and insights surrounding the bodybuilding industry.

See the video below:

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