Fitness Model Loses Voice For 10 Months After Weight Loss


She put her body under serious stress and was left mute for almost a year. 

A 30-year-old from Belfast became unhappy with her body, and after years of failed attempts, finally found the motivation to commit to a diet.

However, due to her lack of knowledge in nutrition, Terri Keith wasn’t aware that her extreme diet could cause serious issues.

Ultimately, she slimmed down to a size 6 (starting at size 10), in only 10 months. However, this crash-course diet resulted in Terri losing her voice for 10 months afterwards.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said: “My body started to shut down. I woke up one morning and my voice was completely gone.

“Doctors did tests but there was no physical cause. I started speech therapy, but they put it down to the stress I had put my body and mind under, by losing weight so quickly. It was so frightening for me.”

No Voice and Hospitalized

This highlights the issue with people’s lack of knowledge in nutrition and fitness. It’s essential that those embarking on their fitness journey read about the basics, and stay safe from extreme diet plans – which could harm them.

Terri Keith became so unhappy with her appearance, that she was willing to do anything in order to lose weight. The worrying thing was that she was under the guidance of a personal trainer during her weight loss journey.

Speaking about her dramatic weight loss, Terri said:

“I wasn’t eating properly for the amount of training I was doing and I started to lose my voice and my hair was falling out.

“I went to A&E because I was worried what was happening. They told me that I was just putting my body under too much stress. 

‘”I couldn’t believe I was malnourished. I didn’t think that was the sort of thing that happened when you are dieting.

“It was the most traumatic time of my life. I was worried I wouldn’t make it out of hospital.”

Fitness-Model-Loses-Voice-For-10-Months-After-Weight-Loss-hospitalCredit: Daily Mail

Learning From Her Mistakes

Terri Keith’s time in hospital was the wake-up call she needed to educate herself about nutrition.

After spending 2 days closely monitored by doctors, she continued to undergo speech therapy and tests, but was allowed to return to her home.

Speaking about this period, the 30-year-old states: “I started learning about what to eat, hormone balances and changing my whole lifestyle. It’s not about quick fixes. It’s about the long-term.”

Return To Health & Bodybuilding

The doctors told Terri that she might not be able to train again, due to the damage she had caused her body.

However, this didn’t stop her from entering the gym when she recovered. And her determination paid off.

Ultimately, she managed to gain lean muscle mass and was able to take home the trophy at the UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation show in Belfast.

Fitness-Model-Loses-Voice-For-10-Months-After-Weight-Loss-winning-fitness-showCredit: @musclesandmascara_tk

Looking back on her journey, Terri recalls: “I had put on some weight and I was out of shape. I was putting an empty bar on my back and my legs would collapse.

“At first, I thought maybe the doctors were right.

“But I kept at it, little by little, and soon I was doing really well. I got a new coach, who really understood my condition, and helped me learn to do what I can.”

Terri’s story serves as a warning to those planning on following extreme diets. She learned the hard way that long-term goals are better than putting your health at risk.

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