Arnold Schwarzenegger sent to Austrian prison because he was such a dedicated bodybuilder.

“18 Year Old Arnold”

When Arnold was 18 years old he was serving two years of compulsory service in the Austrian military behind the controls of a US-made M47 tank. While in the service, he wanted to participate in the Mr. Europe bodybuilding contest in Germany, so he snuck out of his camp to go compete. Arnold says it was worth the risk for him to pursue his bodybuilding dreams.

In typical Arnold fashion he ended up winning the Mr. Europe contest, even though he was punished with three days in military prison for the stunt. The military officials charged with his sentencing ended up becoming some of his biggest supporters. They even went as far as to create a makeshift gym for him and helped him get the food he needed to bulk up 25 lbs. pounds in a year. Schwarzenegger later went on to become Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe, and ultimately the most famous bodybuilder in the history of the sport.

Arnold on the incident:

 “What was important to me was that I had a very clear vision of where I wanted to go. Since I was 10 or 11 years old I wanted to come to America, I wanted to be a body-building champion, the strongest man in the world and all those kinds of things.”

Moral of the story, the excuses you have that are preventing you from your bodybuilding goals are bullshit.

What was it really like to train with and compete against the most famous bodybuilder of all time?

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