5 Badass Bodybuilders Over 70 Years Old

Here’s the question, if you were as jacked as these dudes when you’re old as f**k are you going to ditch your fat old wife and give the single life a shot again? You bet you’re ass I would. If I was some freaky ripped 80 year old dude I’m not going to settle for the dried up old hags in the nursing home. You’d find me down at muscle beach in a speedo just straight mackin’ on younger women like errday. Next time you are feeling lazy about going to the gym, just pull up this page and remind yourself you are a f**king wimp.

1. Paul Stone

76 Year Old Natural Bodybuilder who has competed over 20 times and didn’t actually first compete until he was well beyond 60 years old.

2. Jim Shaffer

3.Tosaka – Japan’s Monster Man

He’s been lifting for over 50 Years!

4. The Patient

Warning: The beginning of this video looks ominously like a porno.

5. 85 Year Old Grandmaster Ramon Lopez

Professional bodybuilder for over 50 years and is currently a Professional Bodybuilding Instructor.

Let us know of any others in the comments below!

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