10 Most Muscular Dogs of All Time

UPDATED: Check out page 2 for the powerlifters of the canine world. They got upset that the bodybuilding dogs were stealing all the shine, and the last thing you want is a grumpy 180 pound Great Dane having a tantrum… 

1. Ronnie Coledog

2. Jay Muttler

Believe it or not, a canine bodybuilding organization actually exists. How do these dogs train? “Weight-pulling, swimming, running, climbing over different things and other obstacles,” said Reverend Scott Amos Sr., the event organizer and founder of the Canine Bodybuilding Association. 

3. Arnold Schnauzernegger

4. Mariusz Poodlenowski

When muscle-bound puppies started popping up in the litters of normally slender racing whippets, breeders invited scientists to test the DNA of the mutant dogs to find out what was going on. They found a mutation in the canine myostatin gene, a negative regulator of muscle mass, which affects muscle composition. These grossly over muscled dogs, known as “Bully Whippets” are now selectively bred and prized by some enthusiasts. Mariusz (Above) is an example of one such mutation. As you can see a bitches love of muscle transcends species.

5. Kai Treat

6. Dorian Mates

7. Dennis Wolfhound

8. Baxter Jackson

9. Bark Warren

10.  Frank Dane – (Named by our contest winner in comments)


Check out the next page for the strongmen of the canine world…

UPDATE: These ripped bodybuilding dogs have been getting a lot of attention and hogging the spotlight, so we’re going to show some love to the powerlifters of the canine world. They’re not fat, they’re just bulking…

The Great Dane Antonio Barichievich

Image via Barcroft
Image via Barcroft

Brian Paw


Mills Barkden


Don Poop


Odie Wilson


How’d this little rascal get in here? Not a bad goal for all the natty dogs out there. 




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