Top 5 Incredible Exercises For Bodybuilding At Home

At-Home Exercises for Bodybuilding


Perhaps you aren’t the only one who has a busy daily routine and hates going to the gym, not because you’re a lazy ass, but because of the shortage of time.

How about doing “bodybuilding” at home?


Even though I visit the gym five times a week, there are times when I’m extremely occupied and commuting those 15-25 minutes to the gym seems impossible. You may even have a different reason for training at home and we have your back with these 5 incredible exercises that allow you to do bodybuilding at home. All you need is a bit of extra space and dedication.

Exercises for Bodybuilding at Home

1. Push-Ups

Say what you want but push-ups are one of the best exercises that engage all your body muscles and trains you like hell. It targets the pectorals, triceps, and deltoids.


Just do regular push-ups, keeping your hands slightly wider than shoulder’s width. Do three sets till failure. Don’t cheat your reps.

2. Pull-Ups

The pull-up targets more muscles of the body than you can imagine. It’s a very effective at-home exercise for bodybuilding and the results are incredible. You’ll workout on your chest, arms, core and lower back.

Pull Ups

Simply grab the bar with a wide grip and pull yourself up until the chin is near the bar. Do three sets till failure.

It can be hard in the beginning but you’ll eventually get stronger with practice. If wide grip seems too difficult, go with a close grip — it’s easier. With a close grip, you’ll efficiently work on your biceps too.

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