WATCH: Thor Bjornsson Deadlifting 730lbs To Adele

And you thought your workout music is weird


Standing at 6’9″, Thor Bjornson truly is a mountain of a man. So, it comes as no shock then that he also plays one on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

When he’s not decapitating horses on Game of Thrones, he often competes in various World’s Strongest Man competitions, of which he has won several, including Iceland’s Strongest Man (six times), Europe’s Strongest Man (two times), and Strongest Man in Iceland (four times). He also likes to break world records, like highest beer keg toss (26 feet and 2.96 inches), fastest 60 feet double-fridge carry (19.60 seconds) and many more.

He even shattered a 1000-year-old record by carrying a 1,433lbs 30-foot long log on his shoulders for five steps. You gotta admit that sounds very impressive.

Thor is currently preparing for the annual Arnold Classic where the best strength athletes compete against each other to see who is the strongest man on earth.

As you can see in the video, Thor is taking his training pretty seriously for the upcoming Arnold Strongman Classic, and rightfully so. His competition is no joke and he has yet to win the grand prize at the Arnolds.

So the motivation and the determination are all there, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Sometimes, you need that extra edge that helps you pull out that last rep and break your personal best. You need a good, fast and aggressive soundtrack that will make any weight feel like paper. Which brings us to Thor Bjornsson’s go-to workout music.

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