One BIG Reason Why Some Bodybuilders Look Abnormal

Oil instead of muscles?


There are many effective methods to grow muscle mass. Some of these methods work better for one person and may be less effective for another. But the fact is that there is a huge variety of workouts and diets you can choose from to grow bigger without harming your health.

However, there are people who don’t have a particularly fast metabolism or just aren’t patient enough to wait until their muscles grow bigger. So, some of these people decide to use a shortcut and grow a massive amount of muscle in a ridiculously short amount of time by using dangerous methods.

While perhaps the most popular method would be to use steroids, there are also less-known methods that are even more dangerous than using steroids. And one of these methods is using synthol.

Simply speaking, synthol is an enhancement oil which is comprised of 85% of oil and a small amount of lidocaine and alcohol. When synthol is injected inside the body, it makes a specific body part look as if it’s more muscular due to synthol making that specific body part look bigger.

But the truth is that synthol is just synthol, and it doesn’t help to grow muscle mass. On the contrary, it can even make your real muscles grow slower because it’s quite a harmful substance for the body if you use too much.

While synthol isn’t very popular, it’s been used by professional bodybuilders for more than two decades as synthol helps to almost instantly make your muscles look bigger. So, if professional bodybuilders have some lagging muscles, then injecting synthol before going to bodybuilding contests is one of the easiest ways to enhance an “underdeveloped” body part.

Of course, it only works if you don’t overuse synthol as it’ll make it apparent that you’re injecting synthol. But the fact that using synthol won’t help you to grow muscle mass is only a small problem.

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