World’s Strongest Man vs World’s Fittest Man

Brian Shaw and Ben Smith do some lifting together.


World’s Strongest Man contests and the CrossFit Games are as different as night and day. One promotes incredible feats of strength while the other promotes exercising a lot with bad or questionable form.

However, the two representatives of each end of the workout spectrum met recently and made one hell of a workout session. The two representatives in question were four-time World’s Strongest Man-winner Brian Shaw and 2015 CrossFit Games winner Ben Smith. Shaw added the first few strongman-friendly workouts, while Ben added the last set of CrossFit-esque exercises.

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Now, before we go and see the workout session and how both men did, let’s spare a few moments and examine their street cred.

Brian Shaw

Shaw is a long time Strongman competitor, and he’s been breaking records and lifting freakishly heavy things for more than a decade. Over the years, he competed against many veterans of strength sports, including Mariusz Pudzianowski, Žydrūnas Savickas (also known by his rap name “Big Z”), Thor Bjronson and Eddie Hall. Shaw breaks records like Ivan Drago breaks his opponents.

He holds the records in Atlas stone lifting, hauling 555lbs over a four-foot platform, overhead dumbbell pressing 300lbs for three reps and holding the indoor rowing machine record for a 100m distance—12.8 seconds. All that and the man is still competing, still lifting strong and still has things to prove.


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