This is The Diet John Cena Follows to Maintain His Incredible Physique

Why is this diet so beneficial?


It’s well-known in the fitness world that exercising and a healthy diet are equally important. Sadly, not all bodybuilders are willing to do their best not only in the gym, but also in the kitchen. But a certain famous wrestler, actor and reality TV show host John Cena knows if you want to reach and maintain the best shape, you need to follow a healthy diet.

Thanks to his dedication to not only train harder than many other people but also to follow a healthy diet, he developed one of the most incredible physiques in professional wrestling history.


But when Cena was 12 years old, he was a skinny teenager who could hardly be called athletic. But in the same year, he started weightlifting, and by the time he graduated, he bulked up to 250 pounds, which is a lot if you think that he was still so young.

He later started competing professionally in bodybuilding championships and achieved great results. At that time, Cena focused his training and diet on building mass, because he wanted to grow even bigger.


But after some time, he decided to become a wrestler and reworked his training and diet so that he could improve his endurance, agility and athleticism. With age, Cena understood he needed to make sure his program would allow him to avoid injuries, because he knew the impact of age on the joints and muscles.

Right now, he divides his workout into different days, and each day concentrates on a particular body part. One of the most important things about Cena’s workout is that from time to time, he makes changes according to how his body changes so that he can maintain the best shape he possibly can.

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