Grow Your Biceps With These Two Painful Moves

This is going to hurt.


Everyone wants bigger arms — it’s almost a universal thing. Ask any gym bro what the one thing he loves doing in the gym is and what he wants to be huge. Go ahead and ask, I’ll wait. He said arms, right? Of course he did, I told you he would. You reading this tells me you also want a nice pair of sleeve busters.


If I had to guess, I’d say that you train your guns with medium heavy weights with a picture of Rich Piana in front of your face, which is fine. Having Rich Piana as your arm day motivation is perfectly fine. Now about that weight. What if I told you that you should try doing medium/low weight with high reps for huge ass guns? Not convinced, huh? Hear me out first, before you start judging my methods.

The One-Minute Curl

A typical heavy bicep curl set with eight reps usually lasts from half a minute to 45 seconds. Which is not a lot of time in which your muscle is being stressed for. So, for your next biceps workout grab a weight which you are comfortable lifting for at least a minute, preferably 90 seconds. Yes, you read that right, you will be doing a set of bicep curls for at least a full minute.

Which means you will probably be doing them a lot slower. This will more than likely cause serious pain. But remember: more pain means more muscle stress which means more muscle growth.


You don’t have to do your entire workout like this. Try implementing this for the last couple of sets of your regular arm blasting workouts and see how it goes. If the other day both of your arms are hurting and it feels like there’s acid inside your muscles, congratulations. You just killed your arms and soon you will be seeing gainz.

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