He’s 45 Years Old And The Most Shredded Organism Alive



Have you ever been into an advanced anatomy class? Well we just found something better than a cadaver for identifying muscle groups — meet Helmut Strebl. This crazy f*ck has really gone down the rabbit hole when it comes to body composition, sporting freakishly low levels of fat, with decent muscle mass year round. Is this safe? Of course not. Is it pretty badass? Most definitely.

Looking at him reminds of another bodybuilder who was shredded to the bone but supposedly died as a consequence of having too little body fat, Andreas Munzer. Andreas took shredded to a whole other level, that is, until the Streblnator came into play.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.05.35
Andreas Munzer just being shredded AF!!

If we look at Helmut, he basically has the conditioning of contest-ready Munzer, except that Helmut maintains it all year-round! Where are the Instagram fitness gurus now with their “it’s not maintainable year-round” speech? Nowhere, I tell you.


How long can our boy Helmut remain the Master Shredder? God only knows, but for f*cks sake, get this man a pizza (a beer couldn’t hurt either). And speaking of beer, Mr. Strebl is probably as well the planet’s biggest light weight when it comes to crushing brews. I’m gonna be generous and give him a two beer maximum before that fine tuned body rejects it all.


See the crazy video on the next page…


But seriously, respect to those striations and veins, because I sure as hell couldn’t get that cut. Hopefully Helmut stays above ground for a while longer, but until then, he’s got the title.

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