Food & Libido: 9 Foods That Will Turn You Into A Freak

Eat these and you’ll be a bonafide sex machine.

As you get older, your body’s natural sex drive, aka libido, decreases. That’s just the hard fact of life. However, there are ways of getting it up and doing the nasty. For pure mechanics of raising the schlong, you can always take a pill. But for an improved sex drive, a pill won’t do the job. So if you want to feel like a 15-year-old teenager who discovered internet porn for the first time, you better include these nine foods into your diet.

Best Foods To Boost Your Sex Drive

1. Oats

Oats are an awesome carb that comes in handy when you’re forced to play pool with a rope. It contains a large quantity of l-arginine, an amino acid commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction. What’s also great about eating oats is that it lowers cholesterol levels. High cholesterol causes numerous medical conditions, with “ED” being one of them.

2. Oysters

This shellfish is enjoying a reputation of being an aphrodisiac for a long time now. Its reputation is not unfounded. It has a very high zinc content, and zinc, as you already know, boosts production of testosterone. And having high testosterone levels is important for having a good sex drive. However, since oysters are

However, since oysters are shellfish, they can absorb all kinds of toxic crap we dump in the ocean, so be smart when ordering oysters. The best rule to follow is if you are nowhere near a natural body of water, avoid eating anything that comes from the sea. Instead, eat the next food on our list.

3. Spinach

Hell yeah, spinach! Spinach is rich in iron and zinc. It’s a leafy green and it gives Popeye his ridiculous strength. You can also cook it as a thick soup with leafy parts in it, it’s super tasty and you can play around with side dishes when it’s cooked like that.

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