Can You Have A Great Sex Life and A Great Gym Life?



Do you think that by not going to a gym, you are doing your partner a favor? Some people may think that they will have more time to spend with their partner if they do not go to the gym.

However, this type of thinking is not good. Yes, it’s true that you may spend two more hours with your partner, but you’re compromising with one important thing in your life… and your sexual health.

How happy would your partner be if you were able to satisfy your them in bed? They would be extremely happy because having a great sex life is a desire of every person.

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A study has shown that 6 out of 10 couples in the United States are not happy with their relationship. And in most cases, it was due to lack of sex.

You may have realized now that just spending two more hours with your partner by sacrificing your gym won’t help you to build a healthy relationship.

Stop making excuses for not attending a gym regularly!

It’s not easy to dedicate a portion of your daily time to the gym, but you must. There is a saying: “No Pain, No Gain”. To maintain your sexual health, you must workout on a regular basis, and the best way to maintain your sexual health is by regularly attending the gym. Staying in your home can make you lazy, but when you are in the gym, you will see others doing different types of exercises, which will motivate you to workout.

Exercise improves your sex life in many ways 

Exercise will make you feel sexier

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Having a fat or a very thin body will demoralize you. You don’t want to look in a mirror because your body is not attractive. When you have an attractive body, you will feel very sexy. You must have realized people in the gym looking a lot in a mirror. It is because they are happy with their attractive body. When you have an attractive body, you will feel more confident to show your body to your partner.

Flexible body

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Exercises make your body flexible. A flexible body means you can try out various sex positions without any difficulty.

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Exercise enhances your sex drive

Endorphins, a hormone associated with happiness and the hormone released during a sexual interaction, are released during exercises. This enhances your sex drive

Reduced risk of erectile dysfunction

The study shows that men involved in regular workouts have reduced the risk of erectile dysfunction.

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What types of exercises can enhance your sexual health?

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While working out in a gym, make sure you add some exercises that can significantly enhance your sexual health. Here is the list of the exercises that can enhance your sexual health

Pelvic floor exercises

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These exercises strengthen your pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles). These muscles contract during orgasm. By consistently doing these exercises, men can experience improvement in their erection while women experience better orgasm. There are various types of pelvic floor exercises you can try

Core strengthening

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There are exercises that can enhance the strength of your pelvis, abdomen, middle, and lower back. The exercises, such as an alternate arm leg raise, abdominal crunches, and others can increase your core strength. In addition to strengthening your core strength, it will help your body to remain stable.

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