Ever Seen a Surgically Created Six-Pack?


Think you’ve tried everything to get those six pack abs? Think again. The technique, called abdominal etching, is a kind of precision liposuction. During the procedure, a cosmetic surgeon slurps out the fat in front of your abs and creates that abdominal separation you have always been dreaming of.  All results and no work, the American Dream!

Don’t cancel your gym membership just yet, the surgery, which costs up to $7,000 is only suitable for certain candidates. Up to half of the patients who apply are turned down. You have to be in somewhat good physical condition with less than a 2 cm of pinchable bodyfat covering the abdominals. The procedure takes an hour or two, but pain and swelling can persist for weeks or even months and there can be complications, such as infection and bleeding.

Abdominal etching has been around for more than a decade but has never really caught on. In our opinion you would probably be better off sticking to some more conventional methods, such as diet and exercise.  Before you check yourself in for emergency surgery, check out our article: 3 of The Most Effective Ab Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of.


Written by Egan Liabetto

Egan Liabetto

Founder of SpotMeBro and SpotMeGirl, this self proclaimed "information addict" is a member of the first generation of latchkey kids raised by the internet and grew up spending 12+ hours/day researching bodybuilding, fitness, and self-improvement online. By the age of 25, his internet exploits had made him a multimillionaire. When he's not in the gym, you can find Egan in any number of exotic locales drinking protein shakes and catcalling young women in their native tongue.