How Different Leg Press Variations Can Increase Your Gains

Do it in the most beneficial way.

While exercises like squats and deadlifts are considered to be the most important exercises for building big legs, we have to agree that these two exercises aren’t enough to build the same legs as famous bodybuilders have.

Exercises like Bulgarian squats, walking lunges, lying leg curls, and other effective movements should be at least tried by every lifter. One more exercise that you can use to strengthen and grow bigger legs are leg presses.

The good thing about this exercise is that you can easily change your foot positioning without making it uncomfortable or dangerous to perform this exercise. This results in making it effective for targeting specific areas of your legs.

So, if there are some weak spots in your legs that you would like to eliminate by targeting them specifically, then performing leg presses might the exact thing that may help you.

High vs Low Positioning

By placing your feet a bit higher than usual, you’ll focus on your upper hamstrings and glutes. This works because it creates the increased degree of hip extension, flexion, and the reduced range of motion around the knees.

While positioning your feet lower will give more work to your quads because this position reduces the degree of hip extension and flexion.

At the same time, it increases the range of motion around the knees. This results in giving less attention to your hamstrings and glutes. So, if you aren’t in need of growing these muscles, then placing your feet a bit higher can help you to train your weaker muscles.

Also, you can try placing the balls of your feet on the bottom while keeping your heels in the air as it shifts the work on your gastrocnemius (calf muscles). But it also gives more stress to your knees so be careful if you try this position for the first time.

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