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    Captain America: Civil War — Comic Book Gains on the Big Screen

    With Captain America: Civil War hitting theaters in less than two weeks, we figured it would be a great time to do some research on how our favorite actors actually prepare for their superhero roles. Marvel has been KILLING the game for the past 8 years with the emergence of The Avengers superhero squad.  But […]

  • zottman

    Zottman Curls: Gives You Arms Like a Silverback Gorilla

      You want forearms like a silverback gorilla in heat? Like Popeye after a dropset of wrist curls? Well an old guy named Zottman, some people here at Spot Me Bro, and Rich Piana all know a decent way to get there. The Zottman Curl When you’re training biceps, there’s definitely a limited number of […]

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  • riff raff

    Riff Raff Gives Up Hardcore Drugs and Gains Muscle Instead

      The classic tale of gaunt to gains. Riff Raff apparently got sick and tired of looking like a Trail of Tears survivor, and has recently been baptized in the iron. Cocaine and amphetamines are a thing of the past, now that our boy has turned to 7 shot venti lattes, and semi-educated lifting. Respect […]

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    Lifting — Casually Explained in the Most Hilarious Way Possible

      Some days, the lifting culture is more difficult to understand than Stephen Hawking using text-to-speech to describe string theory. Why do we really do it? Is there a gym rat gene, like the heatedly contested gay gene, or is it environmentally produced, malignant form of OCD? Whatever the motivation is, you’ll never be as […]

  • helmut strebl

    He’s 45 Years Old And The Most Shredded Organism Alive

      Have you ever been into an advanced anatomy class? Well we just found something better than a cadaver for identifying muscle groups — meet Helmut Strebl. This crazy f*ck has really gone down the rabbit hole when it comes to body composition, sporting freakishly low levels of fat, with decent muscle mass year round. […]

  • elgintensity

    Elgintensity: Videos That Go Beyond Offending

      We all have some sort of issue with that one person in our gym — some a bit more than others. Elgintensity certainly has his issues with quite a lot of people, from big names in the fitness industry to some noob who just happened to be recorded for being an utter dumb sh*t […]

  • Rileywillbefoundout

    Best Kali Muscle Commercials

      Ever wondered how Kali Muscle pays for all his Top Ramen and gold chains? Commercials. Even if you have no idea who Kali Muscle is (don’t feel bad), you have probably seen him in at least one of his commercials, flexing like it’s going out of style. Trust me, you can’t miss him. According […]

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    Hilarious CrossFit vs. Bodybuilding Rant Goes Viral

      A war has ravaged the fitness industry since time immemorial—okay, not quite that long, but bodybuilders and CrossFit enthusiasts have been really, really pissy with each other ever since the latter was founded at the turn of the century. One particular bodybuilder, Robert Frank, has taken the argument to new heights, however, and a […]