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  • gift

    Is Phil Heath’s Character Worthy of Being Mr. Olympia?

      Phil Heath has been known to be active on his social media accounts for quite some time now. This is great, because he gives us the opportunity to communicate with him on various subjects. But one thing that Heath isn’t all too fond of, are the haters — I don’t know of anyone that […]

  • ronnie coleman

    Exclusive Ronnie Coleman Interview with SpotMeBro

    Ain’t Nothin’ To It But To Do: Exclusive Ronnie Coleman Interview with SpotMeBro   Ronnie, it’s a pleasure to interview you on SpotMeBro. To kick off the first question it would be nice to learn a little about your background growing up. Where did you live and was fitness always a part of your life […]

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  • Troy Adashun Abs

    How to Get Abs Fast Training Video (Even if you LOVE Candy!)

      By: Troy Adashun It’s that magical time of the year where everyone seems to be thinking about getting in great shape. The last 7 years I’ve worked in the fitness industry as a fitness model, published author, Product creator, and personal trainer. One of the saddest realities of the fitness industry is that it’s […]

  • Book_of_Bad_Habits-Swearing

    People Who F*cking Swear Make The Best F*cking Friends

      Well f*ck me, I was right. Take a minute and reminisce with me on all the people you’ve met. Who are the ones that you enjoy time with the most, that make you think, “Damn, what a cool dude“? Wait, let me answer that for you, all those lovable bastards with a pension for […]

  • ben pakulski

    IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski Answers 50 Rapid-Fire Bodybuilding Questions

      Ever had those questions that you wanted answered by a pro bodybuilder? I’m not talking about the Instagram fitness model with 100k followers, eats clen & trens hard, and always wears track pants — even at the beach. I’m talking about someone who’s stood on the most prestigious stage in the sport. Who’s been […]

  • john cena

    John Cena Talks About His Bodybuilding Past Haunting Him

      Page 1 of 2 You know who’s a class act? John Cena. This multi-faceted muscle machine has done everything from amateur bodybuilding, to breaking chairs and people in WWE Raw. However, something most of us don’t know is that he’s the epitome of a gentle giant and is waist deep in the Make-A-Wish foundation. […]

  • bro science

    Is Bro Science Really Science? Answers Inside…

    Page 1 of 3 Bro! it’s science! Well when I say science, I mean advice from my jacked uncle who took the first semester of sophomore Biology, (secondhand science is still science). I think Ronnie Coleman should have said “Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder but nobody wanna pick up a heavy ass book.” Because honestly, […]

  • vegan gains

    Is This Vegan Out of Control?

      Page 1 of 2 Vegan Gains, Not Even Once By now 90% of the fitness community has heard of the YouTube channel, Vegan Gains. If you’re still in the dark, it’s not so much an educational channel for those looking to go vegan while still making some sweet gains. But rather, it’s more of […]