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    Steroids vs Natural Bodybuilding: Which One Should You Choose?

      Those of you who have been lifting for some time have probably found yourselves in the middle of a “steroid versus natural” argument at some point. Without even realising it, you have made a decision about steroids. Taking, not taking or even not talking about steroids is an active decision. Steroids vs Natural: Face to Face […]

  • become fitness celebrities - cover

    Rise of Young Men Using Steroids to Become Fitness Celebrities

      Disclaimer: Mention/appearance of any bodybuilder in this article is not an accusation of performance-enhancing drug use. With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, it has become relatively easy for people to become famous. All they need to do is find an edge over their competition and this search for said edge […]

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    Why Cardio Sucks and What You Should Do Instead

      Let’s face it cardio sucks! And best of all, you don’t need to do it. I honestly can’t imagine why anybody would actually enjoy running on a stationary piece of equipment, surrounded by several sweaty people in a gym. But maybe I’m just being bias towards it. 1. It Takes Time Most people who […]

  • american ninja warrior - cover

    How American Ninja Warrior is Taking Over the Sport Scene

      American Ninja Warrior is a sports entertainment competition spin-off of the Japanese television series Sasuke. American Ninja Warrior (ANW) has an advantage over other sports since it’s specifically built for TV. All the episodes are designed keeping the audience in mind and the devices they’ll be watching the show on. ANW has all the […]

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    10 Things Men Should Do Every Day That Makes Them Alpha

      No magic pill can take you from Point A to Point B without making any effort. Self-improvement is a constant pain, which requires time and patience. You’re in a whole new ball game if you want to be regarded as an alpha by your peers. In the system of Greek numerals, Alpha has a value of […]

  • before-and-after-steroids

    The Five Best Steroids for Bodybuilders

      You’re kidding yourself if you think the pros get so big on a protein-rich diet and whey protein shakes alone. A lot goes on behind the scenes that no one gets to see. The reason all bodybuilders and bodybuilding contests like Mr. Olympia get so much attention is because we get to see a […]

  • drinking header image

    Scientists Find Shocking Connection Between Training and Alcohol

      Most folks want to be fit and knock back a few brews at the same time; work hard to play hard, y’know? While these activities seem to be counterproductive, there’s been a lengthy debate as to whether training influences drinking behavior and vice versa. But now two reliable studies have discovered the shocking truth. First, studies that were […]

  • Arnold

    10 Secrets of Bodybuilding Pros

      Wouldn’t you love to have all the knowledge and resources of the Pros available at your disposal? You’re sorely mistaken if you think the only thing that keeps them at the top is their training. Secrets of the Pros won’t be secrets anymore. SpotMeBro is here to spill the beans 1. Advanced Training Techniques The […]

  • steroid abuse

    Steroid Abuse Could Prevent You From Having Kids, Says Lee Priest

      A war has been waged in recent decades regarding the health implications of prolonged steroid abuse, and former Mr. Olympia contender and champion bodybuilder Lee Priest has suggested the use of anabolic drugs can prevent men from having kids. Fertility is one of the chief concerns among steroid-users due to evidence suggesting prolonged use of […]