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  • Barbell-Rows

    How Important are Isolation Exercises for Muscle Building and Performance?

      Isolation exercises are single-joint movements that focus on individual muscle groups. These exercise applications consist primarily of classic bodybuilding exercises, such as biceps curls, triceps extensions, shoulder raises, and machine-based exercises (e.g., leg extensions and hamstring curls). When it comes to building muscle and improving performance, isolation exercises often get a bad rep. In […]

  • Untitled-1

    Fit to Flat: Bodybuilder De-Transformations After Steroid Use

      “Nothing is permanent,” or so the old saying goes, and the saying runs true in bodybuilding, particularly among those who abuse steroids and lead unsustainable lifestyles. Through the decades we’ve seen countless monolithic muscle men walk through the halls of fitness fame, but that success can be all too temporary, as you’ll soon find out. […]

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  • devin physique

    Devin Physique Exposed As A Scam Artist

      When I say “scam artist” I’m using the term quite loosely, but to be honest, he did rob a few thousand people blind. What would Instagram be without a few fitness transformation gurus getting you to buy their crappy products for $200? Most likely a happy place. This whole ‘scam’ story of Devin Zimmerman, […]

  • fat

    A Tale of Two Bodybuilders Who Have Completely Lost Their Minds

      Ah, bulking! Perhaps every true man must bulk to achieve results as a bodybuilder, to become stronger, healthier-ish or just make enough gains to find a fitchick. However, with big goals comes a big price. In bulking it’s long hours preparing food, then just as much time eating all the food you’ve prepared, and walking […]

  • zottman

    Zottman Curls: Gives You Arms Like a Silverback Gorilla

      You want forearms like a silverback gorilla in heat? Like Popeye after a dropset of wrist curls? Well an old guy named Zottman, some people here at Spot Me Bro, and Rich Piana all know a decent way to get there. The Zottman Curl When you’re training biceps, there’s definitely a limited number of […]

  • wwe1

    6 Incredible WWE Gym Stories

    We all know that WWE Superstars are in great shape. You only need to tune into flagship show Monday Night RAW to see that. But what many don’t know are the extremes pro-wrestlers go to in order to achieve this, and the tales that take place behind closed doors. So here’s 6 incredible WWE gym […]

  • obese man

    Obese Man Loses Half His Body Weight With YouTube’s Help

      Losing half of one’s body weight is usually considered a bad thing and sounds unhealthy upon first hearing of such a drastic drop, but not for rejuvenated Shaun Cox, whose decision to go public with his fat loss journey on YouTube very probably saved his life. In a little under three years, the Southampton, […]

  • elgintensity

    Elgintensity: Videos That Go Beyond Offending

      We all have some sort of issue with that one person in our gym — some a bit more than others. Elgintensity certainly has his issues with quite a lot of people, from big names in the fitness industry to some noob who just happened to be recorded for being an utter dumb sh*t […]