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    6 Protein-Rich Meals to Eat Before Going to Sleep

      If you want to build muscle mass, getting enough protein and calories is as important as training hard enough to trigger muscle growth. It’s essential our muscles are provided with enough protein before going to sleep. However, if you consume too many calories before bed, it can results in those calories being retained as fat, […]

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    5 Stretching Exercises to Eliminate Lower Back Pain

      If you’re suffering back pain or know somebody who experiences it, there are many ways you can eliminate lower back problems. Why should you be serious about these concerns? Because your spine is related with the healthiness of your body overall, meaning if you have lower back problems, other issues can develop in the future. […]

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    How Does Your Birth Order Affect Your Personality?

      Have you ever wondered how your birth order affects your personality? If not, you probably didn’t know researchers spend lots of time examining how such a seemingly meaningless factor may change who you are. But as you may realize, every study has flaws, so if the factors listed below aren’t precisely correct, don’t be upset, because your […]

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    Top 10 Most Jacked NFL Players of All Time

      In honor of the best time of the year (Of course I’m talking about the start of football season!) – I wanted to share with you the top 10 most JACKED NFL players of all time. Football players are some of the most insane physical specimens on the planet, but sometimes having the body […]

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    5 Ways to Stop and Heal Shoulder Injuries

      Many athletes incur injuries due to an intense type of physical activity, but one of the most common ailments among bodybuilders are shoulder injuries. While there are many other types of injuries, shoulders make for some of the most painful and often stop people from exercising on a regular schedule, while making day-to-day life more painful. If […]

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    7 Secret Methods to Grow Bigger Muscles While Training

      If you’re content with your current body fat percentage, it’s time to know how to grow bigger muscles without becoming fat. Don’t worry, there aren’t any hidden secrets that only the greatest bodybuilders know. All of this is common knowledge used for many year, combined with lots of hard work and determination to give great […]

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    6 Moves That Will Get You Massive Arms In 12 Weeks

    You probably just saw it today. The narcissistic guy who’s constantly taking selfies and occupying all the dumbbells, or even worse, doing curls in the squat rack. Even though you might have seen him for years, his arms look puny and people still ask him “do you even lift?” That’s because the curl is meant to […]

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    Why You Shouldn’t Trust all Fitness and Health Scientific Studies

      Have you ever read or heard about a groundbreaking study just to later realize it was a lie? If so, you’re not alone, because now scientific studies are published daily, and some of them aren’t completely right. Sometimes, it’s easy to determine whether a scientific study is false or not by having enough knowledge […]

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    How to Recognize and Stop Lifting Headaches?

      The lifter’s headache is a common problem among fit folk that makes fitness less enjoyable, painful and is also known as a tension headache, which feels like a tightening or squeezing pain around the crown of the skull. If you experience something similar, here are three things that help to cure it: 1. Fix Your Posture Like many […]