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    The 10 Best Bodybuilding Books

    The Best Bodybuilding Books – you need to know   10.The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy If you need confidence in the kitchen, are afraid that you can’t cook when it matters or aren’t sure of how to prepare food that’s not only delicious and healthy but also […]

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    6 Simple Ways to Recognize Natural Bodybuilders

      If you already know how to spot steroid-users, it’s much easier to recognize whether lifters around you use steroids — without even questioning. However, there are also factors that may help you to spot natural bodybuilders. These methods aren’t 100% absolute because every person is different, but if you see many of the things […]

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    How to get a better deadlift in a month

        Whether you’re a gym-bro trying to hone your technique or a powerlifter smashing weights ahead of your next competition, one of the best lifts to train for all-over body transformation is the deadlift. We all know it – some love it, some hate it, many fear it – but picking up heavy weights […]

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    Compound Exercises You Should Be Doing If You Want To Grow

      If you’ve never heard of ‘compound exercises,’ A) You’re a complete newbie to the world of lifting; B) You’re an idiot who doesn’t lift. I can’t recall the quote word for word, but Sir Isaac Newton so eloquently explained it: “Compound exercises are what makes the world go round.” Well, that and a few […]

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    4 Exercises That Will Blast Your Lower Abs

      One of the biggest problems which many lifters face is that they can’t see their lower abs. It’s not a surprise because it’s one of the areas where a lot of body fat is stored. This means that if you want to see your lower abs, you need not only to develop these muscles but […]

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    How Being Exhausted Makes You Seem Important

      Everybody has had those days where you feel lazy, exhausted, and you don’t want to go to the gym. Essentially everybody has suffered from it before. It can be the reason you were grumpy and decided to bark back at your dog when he was trying to get your attention this morning. The reason […]

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    A Nobel Prize Winner Found a New Way to Prevent Muscle Cramps

      Have you ever felt the uncomfortable and painful feeling of a muscle cramp? If so, you’ve probably realized that muscle cramps are not only dangerous when you need train but also in day-to-day situations. However, the biggest problem is that even many top level athletes experience muscle cramps that—when it counts most—stops them from […]

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    8 Ways Your Body Tells You That Your Liver is Damaged

      The liver is the biggest internal organ and is important for many bodily functions like storing vitamins and chemicals that the body uses as building blocks, detoxification of the blood, elimination of old red blood cells, and many other functions. As the liver does so many functions, if something wrong happens, most of these […]

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    Two Week Nutrition Plan for Those Who Need to Build Muscle

      Many people know that to build muscle mass, you need to eat more calories and other nutrients like protein. Yet, there is a lot more to learn about bulking in order to achieve a steady level of muscle growth and avoid adding too much body fat. Another important thing is to a have a working nutritional […]

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    4 Techniques You Should Use to Build Bigger Biceps With One Exercise

      Almost every bodybuilder knows and performs old-school curls as one of the primary exercises for the biceps. However, if you would ask less experienced lifters about the methods, they would most likely say that you should ‘lift heavy.’ The truth is that there are at least four more techniques that help you get the best […]