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    How to Improve Your Physique as an Ectomorph

      Do you train and eat properly but for some reason are still void of any form of gains? This may be because you are an ectomorph, you know, the people who can eat pretty much what they want and not suffer any consequences. Most often, ectomorphs tend to have a smaller bone structure, a […]

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    ‘Muscle Confusion’ is The Biggest Lie in Bodybuilding

      We’ve been taught to believe change is good in the life of a fitness enthusiast, and sticking with something for too long in the bodybuilding world is like staying in an unhealthy relationship. “Muscle confusion” is the term that’s become inexorably linked training effectively, this idea that by frequently changing our approach to training, […]

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    The No BS Bicep Workout For Building Huge Arms

    “I don’t like big biceps,” said no one ever. Bros love to shower their biceps with a lot of love. Biceps are arguably the most trained muscle group in any gym and there seems to be a good reason behind it. In a study conducted by Western Illinois University, women rated abs to be the sexiest muscle […]

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    5 Things to Avoid if You Want to Become and Stay Fit

      In bodybuilding, you need not only to concentrate on useful things but also avoid what is useless. If you manage to eliminate unnecessary things, by putting in enough hard work, you can expect to see much greater results; whether your goal is to lose weight, grow muscle mass, become healthier, or everything in between. […]

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    Top Interesting Facts about Testosterone

      Testosterone is often thought of as the male sex hormone, but it really has so many other functions, and is just as crucial for female health, so it might be beneficial to learn some of the other reasons why maintaining proper testosterone levels is important. Male or female, the information provided here is not […]

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    Everything You Need to Know to Build a Massive Chest

      Most bodybuilders dream about having a massive chest because it’s one of the best ways to impress other athletes by benching lots of weight and by developing an incredible physique. But to develop a massive chest, it’s not only about training like a grunt but also learning how to do it right. One of […]

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    7 Incredible Benefits of Exercise and Working Out

      You’ve probably heard about how exercising allows even an average person to lose weight, build muscle mass and become stronger. All of these things are amazing, but there are a lot more great things about exercising. Giving your body even a little bit of physical stress can work wonders on not only your physique but […]

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    The 3,777lb Leg Press No-Rep: Why You Shouldn’t Lift With Your Ego

      Ego Lifting The act of lifting heavy weights for the sole purpose of impressing other people in the room. This is usually done with awful form and gratuitous grunting noises. Definition from Urban Dictionary What drives a person to ego lift? Is it simply their need to impress other people that overrides their common […]

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    5 Steps to Build Mountains of Muscle Mass Quickly

      Building muscle mass is one of the primary things many bodybuilders spend most of their time doing. This is because it takes longer to build muscle than it does to lose weight, so to make the process faster, professional athletes use special techniques to become stronger and develop bigger muscles. However, these techniques aren’t difficult […]

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    How Doping Boosts Performance and Affects Person’s Health?

      Perhaps you’ve heard about professional athletes being disqualified because they were caught doping. Yet, some people don’t exactly know what doping is. Simply put, doping refers to the use of banned athletic performance enhancing drugs, because using doping to enhance performance is believed to be unethical and prohibited by most sports organizations. While the […]