Get Prison Strong With These Bodyweight Exercises

Get big and strong without a gym

Prison is no joke, it’s sole purpose is to contain people who committed crimes. So naturally, it’s a place filled with very bad people who, most of the time, have very bad intentions and all the time in the world to think of ways of hurting others.

In order to survive in such a hostile environment where you have nothing but time, men often turn to working out. Some use it as means to inflict pain on others inmates, while others turn to exercising as a means of mental and physical strengthening.

Whatever the reasoning, you can’t deny that prisoners are often scary-looking guys with a fairly large amount of muscles. But how do they get so huge without any real equipment, being locked in a small room for 20+ hours a day? They get creative with what they got, and what they got is just their bodies and some common items.

Ultimate List of Bodyweight Strength Workout Exercises

1. Blurpees

No, you read that right — it’s not a typo. Blurpees are the same as burpees but instead of contracting your feet towards your knees, you spread them out so that your feet go towards your palms.

This little twist on the established burpee is good because if you are in a position with zero workout equipment it will perform as a sort of pull-up substitute by hitting your lats. It’s hard to imagine how that would work reading this but it does. Try it out for yourself and you’ll see.


2. Push-Ups

Since there’s really no limit to how you can modify the push-up, try mixing things up with the variations in each set. For instance, if your first set is 20 regular push-ups, let your next one be decline push-ups, then the one after that incline push-ups, etc. This way you work more muscles and you won’t get bored so easily.

3. Mountain Climbers

This is primarily a core/abs exercise but it works a whole lot more than just that. It works your arms, shoulders, legs and your lungs. Grab a stopwatch, set a time you think you perform this and then just start blasting this exercise. You will be sweating and in pain, grasping for air and mercy fairly quickly.

4. Jump Squats


Regular squats are boring and it really doesn’t help that you have to do legs while doing this. Jumping squats are still a leg workout, yes, but it will burn you out much quicker and it will also work on your cardiovascular capabilities quite a bit. If you want to make this even more difficult, add a 180-degree turn after each jump.

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