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Gains have never been so educated


We’re not going to patronize you with “new you” tactics and first of the year life changes. You’re reading SpotMeBro, so there’s no chance you’re a half-assed resolutioner.

Resolutions are for every morning of every day, after all, what’s special about January? Time is a man-made concept.


We’ve compiled an expansive list of fitness blogs/groups of educated individuals, which can legitimately advance your progress in the next year (or years). Bodybuilding, powerlifting, bodyweight exercise, and even Crossfit are represented. Keep an open mind and dive in.

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Barbell Shrugged


Hear us out, it’s primarily Crossfit. However, the wisdom to be learned here regarding Olympic lifting form and mobility is second to none. Mostly video articles, this blog is focused on performance and the lifting of heavy-ass weight correctly. We would recommend taking the time to sift through their stretches and mobility drills — a commonly neglected practice by most.

According to the staff at Barbell Shrugged – “Every Wednesday we post a new show!  Featuring commentary, tips, unique uncut and uncensored interviews with coaches, athletes, owners and more.”

Get after it.

Gym Junkies

This is strictly bodybuilding. A source with a deep bench as far articles go, Gym Junkies also produces supplements (albeit on the hormonal side), clothing, and other such trinkets. With topics ranging from supplement reviews to proper pump achieving techniques, Gym Junkies seems to be a meathead playground.

Here’s a classic chest-building article found on Gym Junkies, be sure to do it on Monday you basic b*tches.




Breaking Muscle


It doesn’t get much better than science-based strength gains. Breaking Muscle is a personal favorite here for it’s comprehensive, measured approach to all things fitness. Articles ranging from form adjustments with the big three, yoga, mental practices for success, and master crafted kettlebell complexes, this blog is one to bookmark.

Get educated with complex techniques for 2017.

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