5 Back Exercises You Should Be Doing

They will fix your form and give you size


You’ve been training for a while now, wanting to achieve that Ronnie Coleman-sized back. Sweet, then I’m guessing you either achieved your goal or you are on your way to achieving it. Let me ask you this: how’s your form and back health going? Could be better, right? No shame in admitting it, we are all here to learn and grow.

This is where I step in with this article. These five bad boys will have your back straight as an arrow and keep you way from visiting “snap city” anytime soon.

You’ve probably done a few of these exercises, and some you probably haven’t even heard of. Whatever the case, you’ll be getting size and a healthy back with these five exercises. People in the gym will be calling you “Sir Lifts-a-Lot” because homie got jacked. I’ll stop with the bad jokes, here are the exercises:


Starting things off with a no-brainer. Deadlifts are one of the basics in the world of lifting. You get acquainted with it very early when you first start hitting the gym. It’s a great compound lift that builds strength and muscle. When doing them you need to keep your back straight, however, a slight curvature is fine but it’s preferred to keep the back straight as an arrow.

Also, before you lift the bar off the floor take a deep floor and hold your breath. That will increase stability.



Meadows Rows

This funny sounding workout is actually just a T-bar version of a one-arm dumbbell row. It’s great for adding size and definition on your back. So this one is a must add to your back routine. Not sure how to perform them? Here’s the dude that this exercise is named after, showing you how.

J Pulldowns

This one is very simple yet very effective and it’s a great way to work your lats. You kneel in front of the triceps pulldown machine, with the rope attached to the top pulley. Rotate your torso slightly forward, grab the rope as if you were to do a stiff pulldown or a kneeling triceps extension motion but you turn it into a row. Still don’t know how to do it? Fine, here’s a how-to video:

Still don’t know how to do it? Fine, here’s a how-to video:

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