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The Avengers Workout: Build a Superhero Physique

Whether you want to be a glowing green mass monster with head-crushing strength, or a shredded, athletic, web slinging weed then there’s an Avengers hero workout for you.

With the superhero team hailing from all walks of life (and planets), each member has a hugely different offering when it comes to superhero abilities and body type.

Sadly, we’re not going to be teaching you how to summon lightning or in this article, or to sling your sticky web all over Black Widow.

But we will be showing you the best exercises to perform to build yourself up the the level of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

#1 Captain America


Captain America is known for his boyish good lucks, good character judgement and crazy levels of endurance, strength and athletic stamina.

As jacked up lab rats go, here’s top of the list.

Cap’s physique is balanced and commanding. So in order to build a physique like Captain America you need to be putting on some new muscle, but keeping lean at the same time.

The technical term for this is body recomposition.

In order to build a physique like Steve Rogers you will need to start with a good base of muscle – this aint no noobs strength program.

Don’t expect to jump to a Captain America physique if you’re currently built like Ant-Man… when he’s an ant.

Instead, you’ll need to hulk up a bit. So check out the mass building Hulk workout and nutrition below. Then come back and cut to make yourself Captain Amerihulk.

For those that already have a good level of muscle, keep reading.

The good news is that in order to end up looking like Captain America you only need to hit around 10% body fat. Captain America is lean, but he isn’t ridiculously shredded to the level of a physique competitor.

Captain America Workout

Constructing a physique that’s a spit to the Cap is going to require you to build up lean muscle whilst keeping fat at a minimum.

Captain America has a well proportioned physique, with wide shoulders, thick arms and a slim waist. *Swoon*.

In order to keep as much fat as possible at bay while you workout you should be doing 2-3 cardio sessions along side your regular weightlifting.

Either that or hitting a decent calorie deficit but keeping protein as high as 1 gram per pound of body weight.

To effectively build up an amount of muscle that compares to Steve Rogers’ intravenously administered super soldier gains, you’ll need this 5 day split:

Incline Dumbbell Press38-10
Dumbbell Deadlift310-12
Military Press215
Seated Shoulder Press38-10
Push Ups220
Inverted Row310-15
Treadmill Incline 5-616 minutes

#2 Spider-Man


While Captain America is known for his pretty white teeth and perfectly proportioned physique, Spider-Man is know for being sleek, streamlined and athletic.

So if you’re looking to get the fitness levels of a marathon runner while staying lean, a web slinging workout might just be for you.

The big focus with this Avengers workout is on fitness levels. You’ll be training to build them up and push on and on and on without fatigue.

With an increased level of fitness will come some fat loss, but maybe not too much new muscle.

Spider-Man is a little dweeby looking after all. But did manage to run rings around Captain America in Marvel’s Civil War film.


Here’s how you should be training if you want your fitness levels and conditioning to shoot (webs) through the roof:

Burpees 205
Treadmill Sprint (Full Incline)30 Seconds5
Pull Up105
Box Jumps205
Rowing Machine100m as fast as possible5
Military Press10-123
Dead HangAs long as possible3

#3 The Hulk


Training to become like the Hulk requires plenty of new mass and some seriously big compound movements.

There’s a reason that Lou Ferrigno is the only man to ever play that hulk that hasn’t relied on CGI.

Because he was that huge.

Granted, CGI hadn’t been invented yet, but training like Ferrigno is what you should be doing anyway.

To build high amounts of throbbing green mass you’ll need to be hitting heavy weights and high volume to force the growth of new muscle.

We’re going with a rep range of 6-10 reps for this workout, just to make sure your strength levels match your mass.

Make sure you get plenty of rest (3-5 minutes) between sets. Remember, get angry and shift that iron.ant

Get someone to slap you or call you a pussy in-between sets if it helps with the method acting.

Your quads will be ripping through your skinny jeans and turning them into purple shorts before you know it.

Bench Press6-84
Incline Dumbbell Press6-83
Lat Pull-Downs6-83
Lateral Raises8-123
Triceps Pushdowns8-123
Dumbbell Curls204
#4 Ant-Man


If you want to look like Ant-Man then skip the gym and sit on the couch.

#5 Iron Man


There’s one big muscle you should be training to get yourself up to an Iron Man/Tony Stark level of success.

The brain.

Success can be broken down to some quite simple habits, and while we know this isn’t exactly a workout, it can make a huge difference to your lifestyle. So we will stick it in anyway.

These habits can be used to improve your performance in the gym and help you reach your Avengers physique status quicker than ever before.

Here’s a few habits that successful people always do:

Read something

You heard that right. You’re getting told to read by a writer on a gym humor website in an article about fictional muscular men who wear tight clothes…and other stuff.

But seriously. Don’t just read articles like this.

Pick up books and invest time into studying a little more through the day. Work, fitness, films, whatever you want.

Just keep your brain engaged and knowledge growing.

Learn something new every day 

Make a point of learning something new every day. By taking on more information, tackling a new subject or even learning a language you can help build up your brain muscles.

And women love an intelligent guy with gains.


Don’t get distracted from success. If you want to be successful you need to be up early, perfecting your craft. If your craft is creating an Iron Man suit then even better. Because that’ll take some serious time.

You’ll save on a gym membership though.

How to Eat Like You’re an Avenger


Schwarmer! That is all you need…..

But seriously,

Generally you want to be eating a lot of whole and clean foods. This sort of goes without saying when you attempt any form of physique development.

You can’t save the world if your belly is full of junk food.

Remember that if you are going to be working hard in the gym, get plenty of lean protein into your diet as this can promote the repair and building of muscle.

With the accuracy of Hawkeye, aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, and you’ll bulk up in no time.

Wanting to pack on muscle and fancy yourself more as a hulk?

Step those calories up a level, you need to consume more so your body can build up. Look to go around 500 calories over on your daily maintenance level. This will help prevent excess fat storage.

And if you want to get ripped in half like a chitauri soldier, you need to reduce those calories right down and go 500 below maintenance.

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