Superhuman Grip Strength: Grip Exercises Without Equipment

If your grip is lacking strength and you’ve got forearms like dribbles of snot it’s time to build a powerful grip; and this is how. 

Look a man in the eye and give him a firm handshake. That’s the key to showing him you mean business. After all, no one trusts a dude who shakes hands with the strength of a wet tissue.

Superhuman grip strength opens doors.


But it also tells a woman that you’re dominant ,strong and assertive. And it tells the guys that if they don’t back off, you’ll straight crush them bro.

How do you create strong forearms without equipment though? Is it even possible without barbells, dumbbells or grip trainers?

Don’t worry; SpotMeBro has you covered.

Superhuman grip strength

In the grand scheme of things, not many bros train forearms directly. Okay you’ve got your pull-ups and your farmer’s walks – but how many of you dedicate sets to your forearm flexors?

And we don’t mean those sh*tty light dumbbell forearm curls you see the skinny guys doing in the corner of the gym either.

Real athletes have a strong grip.

A brutal, life-crushing grip.

And if you want to unlock your car wheel nuts by hand or absolutely own your body weight training, this is what you’ve got to do.

Regularly too.

Training your forearms not only adds lower arm mass, it helps with other exercises too – particularly pulling exercises where a strong grip is essential for good form.

Grip strength forearm muscles without equipment


  • Pullups and pulldowns
  • Rows and rear flyes
  • Climbing and hangingLoaded carrier and walks

Grip exercises without equipment

With no dumbbells or barbells in sight, a lesser man would give up trying to develop superhuman grip strength.

Not you though, you’re a real bro.

And while your choices are obviously limited, there’s plenty you can do to build those forearms up and start crushing stuff with your vice grip.

Carry your groceries home

Loaded carry exercises for grip strength

A real man can carry ALL of the groceries, no matter how many bags there are.

And with super-strong, reusable eco bags becoming increasingly popular, there’s no better excuse than using them for heavy loaded carries.

Because back in the day you couldn’t load more than a pack of eggs before the bags would burst.

And we can’t have you losing protein gains like that.

If you think about it bro, it makes sense. Load up your bags with chicken and steak, carry them to your kitchen and then cook that meat for those post-workout muthaf*cking gains son.

Plus you’ll get extra points with your old lady for taking the groceries in.

Here’s your workout:

  • Noob level – Fill your grocery bags full of light foods like lettuce and quinoa and carry them a small distance, because you must be a vegan if you’re this weak.
  • Making gains level – Get those bags full to the brim with anything you can lay your hands on. Walk for 10 x 50 yards with a short rest in-between.
  • Pro bro level – Do the same as above but use a ‘pinch grip’ where you hold each bag between only your thumb and first two fingers.


Grip Exercises Without Equipment chair ups

Hopefully you’ve got a chair in your house.

If not, why? Are you a squatter?

If you’ve got a wooden chair with four legs you’ll benefit from this simple (but challenging) exercise for the forearm grip muscles.

Lie down on the floor and grip a chair with your arms outstretched. Take a firm hold right at the bottom of the two front legs and keep your elbows in contact with the ground.

Here’s your workout:

  • Noob level – Slide it around from side to side.
  • Making gains level – Lift the two front legs 3-4 inches from the ground for 3 x 12-15 reps.
  • Pro bro level – Lift the whole chair from the floor and add a weighted object on the seat. Again, 3 x 12-15 reps is what you’re aiming for.

Just make sure your fat aunt isn’t sitting on your furniture when you give it a try. Cos she might fall on you.

Fingertip push-ups

Fingertip Pushup

Although you might see it as some next level Bruce lee sh*t, fingertip push-ups are actually a pretty cool way of upping your grip strength to superhuman.

This one’s little different too to standard grip and rip exercises.

You’re not actually gripping as such, but instead focusing on not crumbling under the weight of your upper body – and that’s pretty big motivation.

This simple grip strength exercise without equipment works your forearms, triceps, and of course your pecs. It puts emphasis on tendons and ligaments of the fingers as well, making it a holistic exercise for all-round strength.

Here’s your workout:

  • Noob level – standard push ups with your palm on the ground and fingers raised.
  • Making gains level – let’s go with a full finger push-up to really grow those forearms
  • Pro bro level – fingertip push-up, but take one finger from the ground. Vary it to hit the forearm at different angles.

Towel pull-ups

Sweet baby Jesus!

If you want to develop superhuman grip strength that’ll rival the best climbers in the world, towel pull-ups are your go-to.

As grip exercises without equipment stand, this is the most versatile, and the most demanding out there.

Plenty of brahs can knock out rep after rep of pull-ups without even the slightest fatigue, but the towel variation places a huge demand on grip strength that’ll make you feel like a complete noob when it comes to body weight training.

Find something to loop a towel over. It could be a pull-up bar, door, a tree, hook, or whatever else will support your body weight.

Grab each end of the towel in a neutral grip and perform as many pull-ups as you can before the searing pain of your grip tells you it’s game over.

  • Noob level – Try sets of negative reps. Jump up to full arm flexion and then lower yourself down under control. Shoot for 3 x 5 (5 second holds).
  • Making gains level – Full grip towel pull-ups. 3 x as many reps as possible.
  • Pro bro level – Use a pistol grip by straightening your first finger like a pretend pistol you used to make when you were in kindergarten (or maybe high school, we don’t know).


If you’re trying to develop superhuman grip strength without equipment, you need the right strength exercises.

In our experience as full on bros, you just can’t build grip and lower arm muscle without dedicating specific sets to the right target muscles.

It’s like trying to use squats to develop a pair of puny calves.

Working these exercises without gym equipment into your strength program will have you carving out the most aggressive, dominating forearms known to man. In fact we’re pretty sure that you’ll need to order specialized bodybuilder shirts from now on, as you’ll struggle to slide your forearms into ‘normy’ clothing.

Enjoy the gains. And don’t blame us if you get mistaken for a pro arm wrestler… or masturbator.

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