Deadlifts Every Day Keeps The Scrawny Away


When it comes to working out, you always hear what people can bench, but you never really see people bragging about their squats or deadlifts… but why?

They are hard.

Deadlifts are my favorite exercise and minimalistic training has been something that’s helped me gain a lot of strength.

Deadlift Every Day

Deadlifts actually work more muscles than a squat, although the strain on the nervous system is similar. Performed correctly, deadlifts will add slabs of lean muscle on your frame and build an amazingly strong base.

Performing the deadlift is more technical than most think, and if you dedicate yourself to performing the exercise properly, you’ll start to watch your deadlift skyrocket.

What if I told you that if you were to deadlift every day that you would be able to build the muscle and physique you’ve been wanting?

I know, I know, this goes against everything you’ve read in that popular muscle magazine… but hear me out.

If you’re wanting to try out this deadlift-only workout, it’s going to require a bit of planning ahead, but I know you will enjoy the gains you get from it.

Deadlift Every Day

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Deadlift (Almost) Every Day Workout

Below will be the training pattern you will want to follow. It’s similar to a periodization, just with a little bit of a twist.

Monday: Form and Tension Day

5 Reps x 10 Sets

With 40% of your 1 rep max, perform every rep practicing perfect form. Now is the time to take a slower tempo and really squeeze out each rep.

Tuesday: Speed Day

3 Reps x 8 Sets

Rest 3 minutes between each set.

With 60% of your 1 rep max, put your effort into lifting this weight as forcefully as you can.

Treat each rep as an individual lift, practice your form, and pull with the same amount of effort as you would be if you were lifting your 1 rep max.

Wednesday: Near-Max Day

1 Rep x 12 Sets

Rest 5 minutes between each set.

With 90% of your 1 rep max, grip that sh*t and pull. You should record all of your deadlifts for signs of imbalances or form deficiencies, but this day is going to really show you what needs work.

Deadlift Every Day

Thursday: Mid-Shin Day

8 Reps x 5 Sets

With 60% of your 1 rep max, pull from mid-shin to knee height. Utilize boxes or a power rack to achieve this. Work on your lockout skills while using a light enough weight you are able to recover for Friday.

Friday: Paused Reps Day

5 Reps x 5 Sets

Rest as long as needed.

With 75% of your 1 rep max, pull to your mid-shin or knee level like you started at on Thursday. Pause in this position for ~3 seconds and then finish the rep.

Check out this video of Pete Rubish doing paused deadlifts:

Take as much rest as you need.

Note: You may need to lower the weight to get used to the movement. I would advise warming up doing the same motion, so when you get up to a heavier weight your body will be ready for it.

Saturday: Weight/Volume Overload Day

With 85% of your 1 rep max, complete 1 rep every 45 seconds for a total of 10 minutes.

Note: If you have to rest longer towards the end, that is okay. This is where conditioning will help.

Eddie Hall Deadlifting

Sunday: Rest Day

So today is a day you need to get plenty of rest, maybe an extra nap and a few hundred extra calories.

Enjoy the day and get ready to start again on Monday.

Workout Progression

This workout is only meant to be run for 8 weeks at a time but if you are noticing steady progress while training, no need to change it up.

Progress by adding 5-10 pounds onto the bar of every week.


Your 1RM deadlift is 605lbs:

  • Your 90% weight for your near-max deadlifts would be 545lbs. (544.5 rounded up)
  • Your 85% weight for your weight/volume overload deadlifts would be 515lbs. (514.25 rounded up)
  • Your 75% weight for your paused deadlifts would be 455lbs. (453.75 rounded up)
  • Your 60% weight for your speed deadlifts would be 365lbs. (363 rounded up)
  • Your 40% weight for your form and tension day would be 245lbs. (242 rounded up)

Getting your % will help you make informed decisions and will help you stay on track with this workout.

Workout Tips

  • Learn what form works best for you.
  • Properly warm up. You know what works best for you, it is hard to warm up “too much.”
  • Since you aren’t working past 90% of your weight, you should not have a lot of form breakdown.
  • On your speed deadlift days, reset your lift every rep. Practice that form every single rep.
  • Work on your conditioning outside of this workout. Your output will dramatically increase.
  • Take your rest day serious and eat a lot of healthy and nutritious foods.

Pete Rubish Deadlifting


While this workout won’t give you the same results as a full body or a bodybuilding split, this workout is great for someone who is burnt out or who is busy with life and just wants to lift some.

Give yourself four weeks to try out this workout. Use it as a break from your everyday grind in the gym that you are tired of.

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