The 12 Wackiest Exercises Ever Caught On Camera

1. High-Stack Jamaican Wizard Crunches *CRAZY UPDATE 1/3/2013

2. Inverted Crab Pretzel Lipschitz Press

3.  Marmalade Split Assisted Pull-Up

4. Two Birds Leg Press

5. No Homo Spot

6. Diagonal Overhead Larry Squat

7. Hopscotch Cross Press

8. The Showoff

9. Bavarian Spider Monkey Curls

10. Two Bros One Bar

11. The Mounted Motivator Spot

12. The Don’t Complain About Squats Pussy

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Update 1/3/2013:
So we just got word that our “High-Stack Jamaican Wizard Crunches” photo went crazy viral yesterday, made the front page of Reddit , and got well over 1,000,000 views. Naturally, we reached out to our friend Bryan Clemons to find out how life has changed after being featured on

After my picture was featured on, it went viral. People recognize all the time, in every gym I go into. A couple of people have even stopped me in the streets to tell me they saw my picture on Spot Me Bro. Most people that come up to me ask if I was the guy doing the handstand on the dumbbell. A couple of people have asked me if I was Jamaican. I would tell them, “No, that’s the caption that Spot Me Bro chose to use for that picture.

I’ve never fell or hurt myself doing these types of workouts. I always start off small and do things I know I can handle. I gradually increase as weeks pass.

I don’t take any supplements and I never have. I’ve never even had a protein shake. Just a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, raw or boiled eggs, fish, steak, or chicken.”

My workouts consist of a lot of bodyweight workouts. Planche push ups, front levers, psuedo push ups, upside down pull ups, back levers, muscle up pull ups, handstand push ups, human flags, pistol squats, plyo push ups, and balancing on unstable objects.”
Bryan Clemons SpotMeBro


Picture 1 – High-Stack Jamaican Wizard Crunches” Bryan Clemons, “I was working on my core strength. Over half of workouts deal with core. I always challenge myself to see what I can balance on. I do all kind of crayzie workouts. Someone actually snuck and took this picture of me and posted it up. I found out who he was the next day. He told me he posted it up and it got about 72 likes. He added me to Facebook and we started talking. He was a cool kid. I teach everyone if they wanna know what I do. Im a personal trainer so I don’t have a problem with it.”

Picture 6 – Diagonal Overhead Larry Squat:  Nick Nilsson, “The full exercise from that one is one of my more insane ones. From that position, you come down into a sissy squat, getting a massive stretch on the quads, then you come back up into that position and do a back lift, almost leg press type of movement. It loads the quads from full stretch to contraction. Great exercise but yeah, not normal looking at all.”

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