Old Man Dies After Weightlifting Accident

Nobody was around to offer help


A 69 year old man was found dead in a gym on the 7th of September reports state.

The accident took place in a gym near the South Korean city of Busan.

The elderly man was reportedly seen heading into the gym for a morning workout when he struggled  and collapsed with a 90kg weight. It occurred at around 9.10am local time.

CCTV footage apparently shows the man struggling with the weight. The gym owner found him dead an hour later with the weights collapsed on his neck.

Sadly there was no one around to help the struggling man and he was pronounced dead at the scene.


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  1. Old man @ 68, huh? Let’s see how far the writer of this article knuckles under when he “Eddie” reaches 68! Sad fate for the gent. Prayers to his family.

  2. Common sense is becoming more and more scarce nowadays. It is always good to have either a spotter or at least know people are around when lifting that kind of weight. God rest his soul

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