Would Be ‘World’s Fattest Woman’, Changes Her Goals, Thankfully


The World is absolutely fucked. It seems every day people want to destroy their bodies in ever more creative ways for a brief moment shimmering in the spotlight. Chewing on tide pods, sniffing condoms and other ridiculous ‘viral trends’ have clouded minds, clogged up throats and spewed their way onto the internet. All for non-existent digital fame.

Monica Riley, a young woman from Texas, once wanted to be the ‘fattest woman in the world’.

She would consume 10,000 calories per day, often fed through a funnel by fiance Sid. Using a knife and fork would probably burn too many calories.

Her aim was to become bed bound and immobile. So she could just lay there and be fed. She did quite well too, reaching a mountainous 700lbs. About 3/4 the weight of a horse.

But, then good old Sid fed her with a different funnel.

And Monica got pregnant.

Sadly though, due to her poor health, she miscarried a first time. With a second miscarriage not long after.


Thankfully though, these pregnancies served as a wake up call for Monica, who has stepped up her weight loss game and started to rapidly cut the shocking number the scales were creaking up to.

Since gradually losing the weight through a light diet and exercise routine, Monica managed to overcome the polycystic ovarian syndrome she was suffering from, and give birth to her daughter, Michelle, after a premature emergency c-section.

Monica has decided to carry on with her weight loss and left her fattest woman in the world dream far behind.

She won’t be funnel feeding the child either and said in terms of diet;

‘Maybe at Halloween if she goes trick-or-treating then we’ll let her have a candy or two, but we want to get her hooked on fruits and veggies while she’s young.’


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