Watch Larry Wheels Smash 900 lb. Squat – Setting New 50-Pound Personal Record

Larry Wheels 900 lb. squat

Larry “Wheels” Williams has just smashed a monumental 900 lb. squat. In doing so he absolutely destroyed his previous PR, surpassing his best 850 lb. effort by 50 lb.!

At the time of writing, we don’t know Larry’s body weight, but we can safely say he’s looking beastly. See for yourself, bro…

When “Wheels” walked into the Zoo Culture gym yesterday he knew big things were about to happen. Not only would he be blowing his PR out of the water once, but he’d pass it twice in one sitting. Right before the 23-year-old ‘power builder’ nailed his epic 900 lb. finale he hit another PR at 864 lb.

Seriously, who just smashes their record to smithereens twice in a single session? Wait, we’re talking about Larry Wheels here, the guy literally Why are we surprised he surpassed his prior best by 14 and then by 50 whole pounds? Stepping off the platform Mr. Wheels looked as if he was about to go Super Saiyan.

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Larry’s Two Weeks Out From National Bodybuilding Debut

Considering that Larry is only two weeks out from his first National Bodybuilding competition his power and energy is incredible. At this point most bodybuilders are deep in the trenches of cutting, fighting low energy levels from a calorie deficit.

Larry however just isn’t your average muscled up guy – he’s a maniac. Rather than hammering hypertrophy workouts, he’s out there chasing big numbers like a beast. It was only last month that “Wheels” destroyed another personal high-rep record by hitting 500 lb. for 25.

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How Will His Unorthodox Approach Stack Up?

Whilst we’re all blown away by Larry’s seemingly superhuman ability to never plateau in the power department, the question must be asked: Will this intense level of power training affect his conditioning on stage? Will his unorthodox preparation and approach bring him victory under the lights?

All we can say right now is that Larry’s looking as stacked as ever. Stanger things have happened in the bodybuilding world and any man can steal the show. We’re pumped to see the results!

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