Surprising Benefit of a High Protein Diet


Protein is the MACRO that’s becoming synonymous with fitness. High protein diets are great at helping people cut down fat and also help produce nice sexy slabs of new muscle.

In a recent study though, a high protein diet has also been found to help people reduce the risk of heart failure.

Over 2000 heart failure patients all took part in the study and those with a lower protein diet were found to be at fare more of risk from actually dying.

In the study a low protein diet is classed at less than 40g per day, with the high protein diet being above 70g per day.

Heart Gainz

Those who had a high protein diet were 46% less likely to die from their condition according to the study written by Dutch PhD student Koen Streng.

Streng believes that the reason that a high protein diet impacts the survival rate is purely on the basis that the heart is a muscle and like we all know, protein helps strengthen and build muscle.

So by upping protein intake you are improving the health and strength of your fairly important organ.

Generally most people recommend around 0.4g of protein for every pound of your weight. But, this is only for daily maintenance and won’t lead to new muscle growth.

To build muscle you can be looking at around 0.8g pre pound of weight. Although some people do take this up to 1g.

More protein, less (heart) problems. 

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