Your Eyes Won’t Believe the Strength of this 4 Year Old


Arat Hosseini is a 4 year old with the strength of a 30 year old. His Instagram account is already boasting 1.3 million followers. And for good reason.

Arat doesn’t just showcase unbelievable strength, but also control and flexibility that puts him closer to a superhero than a child.

Living in Iran, Arat has been apparently training since he was around one year old. After his dad spotted he had ‘indigenous talent’, at 7 months old.

The video that combines loads of the social media footage of Arat is incredible, and makes us a little jealous. At just 4, this little guy is probably one of the worlds strongest people. When it comes down to body weight anyway.

His father gave up his full time job to train him and is hoping that some day, Arat will be bringing home a gold medal for Iran.

Be interesting to watch Arat grow and see if he can keep up his training. If he does, you’ll probably see him flying through the sky at supersonic speeds by the time he’s 20.


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