Sex Could Be An Effective Pre-Workout To Improve Sporting Performance


A recent study has proven that sexual activity has a positive effect on athletes’ performances. 

For a very long time, sex has been known to have a negative effect on the performance of athletes before a competition.

So much so, that many competitors have refused to have sex during the build-up to their event; Mohamed Ali is probably one of the more notable sportsmen to have remained abstinent before his fights.

Where It All Began

So where did this begin? Well, it was actually in ancient Greece and Rome, where abstinence was considered the most reliable way to achieve victory in battle.

Since then, this belief has endured through history, with many modern athletes thinking that ejaculating may reduce their testosterone levels before an event.

But new evidence suggests that this isn’t actually correct…


Study Reveals Sex Enhances Sporting Performance

We know f*ck all about ancient history, but judging by the film ‘300’ featuring Gerard Butler, the Spartans knew a thing-or-two about fighting.

However, although they wrote themselves into the history books, the Spartans might not have been right about the relationship between sex and sporting performance.

Basically, a recent study has shown that sexual activity before a competition actually improves the performance of an athlete.

And we’re not just twisting some words here either. To prove our point, we’ll give you an actual passage from the study itself:

“A positive effect of performance if sexual activity is undertaken at least 10 h before sports competition, and particularly if it is not associated to incorrect life style habits such as alcohol, drugs abuse and smoking.” 

*You can see the study here: 

Can Anyone Provide Their Input?

There you go, sexual activity does actually improve your performance in the gym or on the field.

So next time you have an important competition coming up, get yourself on Tinder and try to get laid…or you always have that crusty sock next to your bed…

Give us your thoughts about this, and if you can support this evidence that sex does enhance your sporting performance!

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