See the True Cost of Heavy Drinking on Your Liver


For a load of the world tempratures are heating up as they get to BBQ season. And what’s a BBQ without a few beers to go with it?

Hell, what’s a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night without a few beers no matter what the weather?

But, in a video that’s recently resurfaced on the internet, the cost of regular heavy drinking can be seen clearly on a human liver, with a healthy liver next to it for comparison.

No going back

It’s pretty shocking to see the effects of heavy drinking on such a vital organ. The liver which has been exposed to heavy drinking is riddled with scar tissue and looks almost like a pile of shit. Which, in terms of it’s functionality, it sort of is.

Dr Drew Pinksy explains one of the problems with the liver;

The liver is full of scar, and it’s attempting to regenerate itself — and as it regenerates, it comes up against scar and forms more scar

The healthy liver on the other hand, looks fresh and pink and maybe even a little appetizing. Liver failure and cirrhosis are however very serious problems. And once your liver is damaged, it’s damaged.

We’re sorry to ruin your Friday’s with this video, but with so many other negative effects like low testosterone, fat gain and f*cking awful hangovers we will be giving those beers a miss this weekend and hit the gym instead.

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