See John Cena During His Bodybuilding Days Before WWE


He’s pretty swole as a wrestler, but many don’t know that John Cena was a bodybuilder that competed in the NPC in a previous life.

John Cena is a name that everyone will recognize – even if they don’t follow wrestling. He’s been the subject of countless viral memes and been the champion numerous times in the WWE.

But you might not know that John Cena tried to make it as a bodybuilder before starting down the path of wrestling.

John Cena started weight liting at 12-years-old

While John Cena might not be as famous as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, he definitely competes with the guy in muscularity.

So it’s no surprise to hear that John Cena started training in the gym at 12 years of age.

Speaking on the Jimmy Fallon Show, he said:

“I started weight training at 12. My grandfather convinced by dad to buy me a weight bench.

“Then I finally got the confidence to go to the gym and he kind-of conned me into being a professional bodybuilder.”

See-John-Cena-During-His-Bodybuilding-Days-Before-WWE-1*John Cena competing on-stage as a bodybuilder.

He Moved To Venice, California After College

After John Cena graduated with a degree in physiology, he made the decision to move to Venice, California in 1999.

But his dream wouldn’t be fulfilled there; John Cena was forced to clean toilets at the gym in order to survive, sleeping in his car as he couldn’t afford accommodation.

Competitive Bodybuilding

That same year, John Cena entered his first bodybuilding competition – the NPC Ironman Magazine Naturally contest.

He placed second, but it wasn’t enough to motivate him to continue competing as a bodybuilder.

As a result, John Cena began his career in wrestling, where he’s experienced tremendous success. Fair play, bro.

About his experiences, John Cena said:

“I made this stupid decision that I wanted to go on stage and oil myself with a bunch of other guys.

“But I’m over it because now I go on stage with a bunch of other dudes and oil myself up.”

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